Paying one’s own killers

The argument against India delivering aid to Pakistan

Excerpts from the third part of Atanu Dey’s case against the Indian government’s decision to donate US$25 million to the Pakistani government for earthquake relief.

As long as a country is wasting resources arming itself to wreak havoc on another country, that country does not deserve any sympathy or material help, irrespective of the circumstances. I would apply this principle to all states, but I would be especially vehement in my objection when it comes to terrorist states.

By this standard, I would argue that India should not be offered, nor should it accept, any material help from any other state, as long as India is spending any resources stockpiling weapons of mass destruction…as a matter of principle, India should not accept any charity from any other nation.

More importantly, India should not offer charity to nations that use their limited resources to arm themselves with weapons for India’s destruction. There are two reasons for this, the first of which is that money is fungible: what India gives to Pakistan—even if ear-marked for feeding the poor—is indistinguishable from a gift for Pakistan to employ and equip a huge army of jehadis to kill innocent average Indians. This is unconscionable and irresponsible. The reason this sort of insanity happens is simple. Those who are incharge of this insane magnanimity are shielded from the effects of their folly. The politicians are not the ones who will have to pay with blood, sweat and tears when the next jehadi terrorists—funded by the Indian politicians—strike and kill by the scores in India. It is a sad and lamentable fact that the politicians have security (unlike the average guy on the street) and are immune to the consequences of their actions.

The other reason for my opposition to state-directed charity is based on the recognition that charity should be voluntary. If I pick your pocket and then even if I give the proceeds to charity, there is no virtue in it, is there? It gets worse if I take your money under the threat of violence and then give the money to someone you may not wholly approve of. That is in effect what the government of India is doing when it takes tax payer’s money and gifts a part of it to Pakistan. I think that the people of India should have the freedom to decide which charity they wish to support. [Deeshaa]

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  1. “I think that the people of India should have the freedom to decide which charity they wish to support”

    You are absolutely right! People of India do have that right. They vote for the best person (or the least worst depending on they way you see it) who would make decisions for them. India is a demo-crazy 😉

    I am surprised The Acorn supports this opinion. Pakistan may be filled with Terrorists to the brim but still they have lot of children, women, and good people (I hope so) and if we don’t help …we only play into pak’s powers-that-be to portray India as an evil power.

    Defeating terrorists is as much a game of hearts and minds as it is of intelligence and weapons.

  2. I find it stunning that otherwise intelligent people make the stunning assertion that our tax money, being given to Pakistan will not be used to fund Jihadis against India.
    What gives? Dont the same people see what happens in our land, with its distributed power base, where public money reaches the pockets of the well off and not the poor? Do they think that a terrorist state such as Pakistan with its army ruling the roost will use Indian money for quake relief?

  3. Bala,

    Excerpting Atanu’s opinions does not mean that I endorse them. Indeed, Atanu’s arguments challenge both humanitarian and realpolitik based arguments in favour of giving financial aid to Pakistan.

  4. Considering that Pakistan army isn’t even bothering abt its own people and is letting terrorists like LeT give relief, and take credit for that.
    To trust them to use the money we send for relief is ridiculous

  5. Humanitarian arguments should begin at home. How many millions of dollars were supplied by the Indian government to aid the Kashmiri Indians whose family members killed and who were displaced by the terrorism sponsored by the Pakistani Islamic terrorists over the last couple of decades? How about the Indian government helping those Kashmiris before so magnanimously aiding the Pakistanis who were the victims of a natural calamity?

    I have nothing but contempt for the fake humanitarian sentiments that well up only for a terrorist government while turning a blind eye to the sufferings of an innocent people who are the unwilling target of needless fight between Nehru (ach-poo!) and Jinnah.

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