British intelligence, Pakistani immigrants and Greek revelations

Red faces in three capitals

British spies involved in operations involving Pakistan and its nationals seem to suffer the unfortunate fate of being unmasked in newspaper reports. According to Proto Thema, a Greek newspaper, the chief of British intelligence in Athens was involved in the mysterious kidnapping and roughing up of 28 Pakistani immigrants. The British government is angry and has ordered its newspapers from naming the ‘diplomat’ involved. The Greek government is angry and has excoriated Proto Thema for endangering national security. The Pakistani government too will soon be angry and make righteous noises about hurt innocence.

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  1. The chickens are coming home to roost. During the Balkan wars, Western governments turned a blind eye towards Pak jihadis entering the Balkans via Turkey/Greece. The ex-ISI chief Hamid Gul openly led a group of them to fight with the Bosnian Muslims with the implicit support of Clinton and other Western governments. Since then that network has become a source of drugs/arms trafficking posing a major problem for European countries (c.f. London bombings). This is just one of the series of crackdown since then.

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