Bangalore’s Pearl Harbour

But don’t let it stop the new year revelry

The Indian Institute of Science, one of Bangalore’s most venerable institutions, was attacked last night. One senior academic was killed. Several others received bullet injuries. While it is too early to tell who the attacker was, and what his target was, the attack is clearly an act of terrorism. Nobody in Bangalore, not least the dons in the IISc campus, expected to be attacked by terrorists. It is pointless to wholly lay the blame, as some early media reports have done, on the state police — for they act only on the instructions of their ministerial bosses and on intelligence provided by central government agencies. It goes without question though, that the state police and perhaps the CBI must now be given a clear mandate to investigate and apprehend those behind this attack.

The home ministers of India and Karnataka state owe the citizens an explanation. Were there any intelligence reports suggesting that an attack in Bangalore was imminent? If so, what did the political leadership do about it?

It is both urgent and important that such questions are answered for new year’s eve is around the corner. The best response Bangaloreans can give to the terrorists is by engaging in their usual revelry. Even as the government moves to secure the city, it must not allow the terrorists the pleasure of winning a bigger prize than that scientific seminar at IISc.

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Update: If Bangalore was unprepared, it is perhaps less due to lack of intelligence reports, but because of a lack of intelligence. Cases in point:

State Chief Minister Dharam Singh has called an emergency meeting for Thursday.

“We cannot say at this stage whether terrorists are involved in this incident,” an official at his office said.

Sri Prakash Jaiswal, India’s junior home minister, told reporters in Delhi that “it would be too early to call it a terrorist attack”, adding that it could have been directed at an individual. [‘BBC’]

It is rather difficult to believe than a man firing an automatic weapon indiscriminately and carrying grenades could have been a ‘non-terrorist’ trying to assassinate an university professor. They’ll probably blame it on a disgruntled student next.

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  2. Security at the IISc. is notoriously – given the number of conferences that are held there. But not any more I guess. Bangalore is famous for its knee jerk responses and we can all expect significantly heightened security going forward.

  3. Its absolutely high time India gets tough outside and tougher within. Its been said time and again but the political classes are busy posing for sting videos, rather than making and overseeing implementation of anti-terrorism laws and policies. The Jihadis will only get bolder and Indians must bite the bullet and strengthen from within.

  4. I doubt it is Islamic terrorist also, only because their targets are usually politicians or helpless tourists or bystanders. It could be home grown killer with a purpose and it would probably depend on who the professor is.

  5. Chandra,

    Looks unlikely that it would be just directed at individuals. al-Quaeda has long gone after selected targets which drive the country, peripheral Indian terror organisations seem to be learning from them. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI had been looking to target Indian financial, economic and intellectual centres for a long time anyway, and they are taking in more local and Bangladeshi recruits. At the risk of having a pie on my face, It’s not even worth a guess who did it.

    Although, Bangalore Police and administration’s inexperience with terror attacks is clearly coming out. I wonder what would’ve happened if there was a large scale and much more organised attack.

  6. Folks, this is terrible. It looks like the real target of this attack was Dr. K. Kasturirangan who was a participant of this conference. Had it succeeded God forbid, it would have been a even more morale booster for the terrorist pigs. The lead looks like ISI sponsored using Bangladeshi foot soldiers. We cannot put heavy security in front of every Mall, IT campus and research institute. It is only the politicians who can have Z+ security at tax payer’s expense. Time to start supporting Baloch and Sindh freedom movements which was cancelled by the idiot PM IJ Gujaral. Where are the cretenous Wagah Kandle Kissers (viz Kuldip Nayyar, Praful Bidwai and co.) now

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  8. ” If Bangalore was unprepared, it is perhaps less due to lack of intelligence reports, but because of a lack of intelligence.”

    Aptly put, Nitin.
    I think it was 3 days ago that the Delhi Police busted a cell that was planning attacks on Bangalore. But it seems the Govt. either was not willing to provide security to premier establishments, or did not consider IISc as being under threat.
    In defence of the police, I must say that a day before the attack I did see a lot more patrolling at night than I had seen before, and during the day.

    I was disgusted with the Chief of Police’s responses during the Press conference. Thankfully the Commissioner wasnt as cavalier in responding.

    Parts of Bangalore did seem normal today and yesterday. I suppose the fact that there was only one casualty has a less disturbing effect on people.

  9. Yesterday, when reports of the attack started trickling in, there was also a ticker which said that the Union Home Ministry was sitting in an emergency meeting. On the other hand, Dharam Singh had announced that there would be an ’emergency’ meeting of the State Cabinet at 10 am the next day.

    Exactly what prevented these folks from having a meeting yesterday night, in person or via video-conferencing or via a tele-conference? Maybe they didn’t want their victorious celebrations [Cong(I) won most of the ZP & panchayat elections] to be aborted.

  10. And meanwhile, the bleeding heart liberals insist that we send millions of dollars of aid to the PoK quake victims so the ISI can use the freed up Pakistani government funds to attack our country.

  11. Jagadish,

    Exactly what prevented these folks from having a meeting yesterday night, in person or via video-conferencing or via a tele-conference?

    C’mon, you cant expect the Man to chair a meeting more so when, as he says, “it all happened so suddenly and could happen anywhere in the world”. Besides, it wasnt a security lapse, you see? just another day in the IISc park for the terrorists.

  12. “After making his statement to the police, he told this Times of India correspondent who was disguised as a doctor, that he saw a well-dressed man”

    Wonder what difference it would’ve made if he\she was disguised as an ass. Someone sure likes to brag about pulling off a ‘sting’ operation on a guy on oxygen mask hit by a bullet, even if it might hamper the investigation when speed is the only factor that’s important in these early stages.,curpg-1.cms

  13. ISI are planning to target over the Brains of the nation. No doubt, it is an Islamic attack. The satelite phone made the Terrorists in doing their work easily. Now the recent technology like Google Earth made them convenient. The indian government has to Ban the GOogle Earth as it is easy for them to plan the way to enter a place and give a blow. The Americans are not allowing many of the places viewed overtly. The police government has to kill these terrorists as they are creating a panic atmosphere. Recently in Andhra Pradesh, in Hyderabad, the ISI agent is released in Bail with a support from some other officers. This is possible only with a background a politics. The indian laws have to be modified, after freedom India gave freedom, even to the enemies to attack easily.

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