The Tapeworm, the General and Truce

Bin Laden and Musharraf sing off the same sheet

The Tapeworm is back on television, offering a truce so that Iraq and Afghanistan can be rebuilt after being destroyed in the cross-fire.

We don’t mind offering you a long-term truce on fair conditions that we adhere to. We are a nation that God has forbidden to lie and cheat. So both sides can enjoy security and stability under this truce so we can build Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been destroyed in this war. There is no shame in this solution, which prevents the wasting of billions of dollars that have gone to those with influence and merchants of war…[Osama Bin Laden/NYT]

That speech sounds like an Arabic remix of The General’s offer of a truce, so that the residents of Srinagar, Kupwara and Baramulla can rebuild their lives.

Let me propose it here that let us take three important towns of the Valley, Srinagar, Kupwara and Baramulla. Let all military move out of these cities to the outskirts and we ensure that there is no militancy inside. Pakistan will be with the Indian government, with the Kashmiris to ensure that there is total peace and tranquility within these three cities. Look at the comfort that will come to the people. It does not need any constitutional amendment. It does not need anything. It just needs an administrative order [CNN-IBN]

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