Sense prevails

The Indian government allows IIMs to set up foreign campuses

In the end, the folks at the human resource development ministry made it appear that all that ruckus over IIMs setting up foreign campuses was largely about bureaucratic procedure. Content that the IIMs will amend their charters to include overseas campuses and receiving in return assurances that the IIMs will expand their domestic intake the Indian government found a face-saving way out of hole it had gotten itself into.

This should give President Abdul Kalam, who had weighed in in favour of the IIMs, something to announce during his visit to Singapore this week.

1 thought on “Sense prevails”

  1. Well, actually, they(HRD ministry) said this the first day itself. It was the press that gave it the wrong headlines. In the detailed reports, the ministry was actually quoted as saying something on the lines of – “if they modify their charters, they can have campuses abroad”. If anything the IIMs have agreed to increase intake now(not by a significant amount though).

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