Sunday Levity: Pakistan’s Nuclear History in some 16 words

Revised and Updated

Humiliation. Misappropriation. Deception. Indoctrination. Proliferation. Commoditisation. Allegation. Investigation. Incrimination. (Confrontation). Confession. Exoneration. (Telecommunication). Revocation…Humiliation. Continuation.

As it is punctuated by denials (“Totally baseless!”), all the full-stops should be read as Refutation.

Two additional words come to mind – Explosion, Sanction which go somewhere Proliferation and Investigation.

(This is an updated version of a two-year old post the inspiration for which came from The History Of The Universe in 200 words or less, by Eric Schulman, published in the Annals of Improbable Research.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Pakistan’s Nuclear History in some 16 words”

  1. I think ‘daring’ and ‘innovation’ (of another kind) should also be used. Frankly, Indians are not giving the respect where its due. Even though Pakistan has bought stolen technology, it still wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t knew how to work the system. Not many people\countries can do that.

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