The handing over of lists

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The list of countries who hand over lists of terrorists to Pakistan has increased. President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan handed over the latest one to Gen Musharraf earlier this month. That list included Mullah Omar and several Taliban leaders, one of whom, according the Daily Times, lives a rather public life in Lahore. But after due procedure, all the Pakistani authorities could find was that the list itself was either outdated or based on faulty intelligence. Karzai would have known that this is what he would get, but made a point anyway, very likely with an eye on President Bush’s trip to Pakistan next week.

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  1. well, i guess u have made a good point by mentioning the kind of freedom enjoyed by terrorists and wanted persons in pakistan.Its no big secret although and I suspect terrorists like Osama may also be hiding somewhere in Pak.The list would definitely serve no purpose(crying hoarse on deaf ears!!). i guess president bush should rather take the initiative and apply some pressure on Musharraff to track such terrorists.

    Ed: This is a different Nitin

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