Forty five scalps I greet thee with

Variation on the theme

It’s the time to trot out the FATWAT credentials again, only this time there’s no al-Qaeda’s Number 3 or Bin Laden’s right hand man to hand over. Instead 45 militants, ‘mostly foreigners’, were killed when Pakistani security forces attacked their camp in North Waziristan. Elite commandos from Pakistan’s Special Services Group, twelve helicopters (six of which were gunships) participated in the ‘massive operation’. (via India Uncut)

This was organised in honour of President Bush’s visit to Pakistan. If the attack really did some damage to the infrastructure of terrorism, perhaps Bush should come by more often.

The terrorists too greeted Bush in their usual way — suspected car-bombs went off near the US consulate in Karachi. Update: It appears that a US diplomat was killed in the blast.

2 thoughts on “Forty five scalps I greet thee with”

  1. Nitin: Wash Post notes that Bush appears to understand the general’s game and is making at least a modest effort to head it off.
    This guy and his apparatus are predictable and pathetic. As you pointed out – heads on a platter are the only gift the US values from them. And so they comply.

    Further, women and children died in the current “massive operation”. Not a hint of protest – quite unlike the protest against the CIA-drone atack, or the atacks on the Balochis. Guess we must conclude the protests are probably staged, certainly sponsored, and tightly regulated by the powers that be.

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