Terrorists attack Varanasi

An attempt to ignite a larger conflagaration

Terrorists have carried out a provocative attack on the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Pakistani-sponsored jihadi groups are suspected of having carried out the attacks.

  • Cynical Nerd has an excellent early report
  • B Raman warns that politicising the attack (which has already begun) will play into the hands of the terrorists.
  • Somini Sengupta of the New York Times does her journalistic scepticism thing. Not only where they “terrorist attacks” (her quotes) but they were only ‘apparently coordinated explosions’ (here the quotes are mine). Update: The editors decided that the scepticism was unwarranted.
  • GreatBong rips political correctness apart

51 thoughts on “Terrorists attack Varanasi”

  1. I see some good signs …may be a new beginning!

    “A leading 400-year-old Islamic seminary(Lucknow based), the Darul-Ifta Firangai Mahal on Monday issued a ‘fatwa’ against terrorists targeting places of worship and killing innocent people.”


    So there are Moderate Muslim leaders, who do their best to reform their religion. I agree
    these moderate voices are very faint and may not reach all the people. But we must listen
    to such voices and must support such leaders.

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