Some things just don’t fly

Pakistan’s non India-centricity for example

It was shortly after President Bush’s visit to Islamabad that Gen Musharraf gave his nation a new foreign policy sound bite. Pakistan, he said, should stop being “India-centric” (he excluded his army though). Days later he said that Pakistan should aspire to achieve economic superiority over India. The recourse to “India-centricity” would have been still all right if it was for positive purposes.

But like “enlightened moderation”, “non India-centricity” too is officially dead. Musharraf and Co have formally launched their negative diplomacy against the India-US nuclear accord. In any case, compared to enlightened moderation, non India-centricity may be more difficult for Pakistan to achieve. One newspaper, for example, doesn’t even notice the irony.

3 thoughts on “Some things just don’t fly”

  1. I think they will start becoming Afghan-centric, if you had watched Afghan foreign minister’s riposte in CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, you’ll see that happening. I will try to dig up the transcripts.


  2. The general runs a regular circus – with him playing Chief Clown. His deft policy shifts would provide Saturday Night Live with weeks of material if they paid attention. Ejaz Haider has an amusing toungue-in-ckeek piece on what succeeds in Pakistan today.

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