Sunday Levity: Metereological aggression

Cross-border weather forecasting

For those Indians who were anguished that India has weakened its negotiating position with Pakistan by accepting the conversion of the LoC into an international border (albeit a ‘mere line on the map’, of course) as the baseline, this should come as a sign of relief.

For the first time in history, the government has decided to follow a forward policy on weather forecasting. Ordinary Indians may be forgiven for not linking weather forecasts to territorial claims but the strong, silent foreign policy wonks in the external affairs ministry on the Pakistan desk know better.

Just when one thought they were a bunch of the deadly boring sub-species of bureaucrats who keep our nationalism aggressive, they show themselves up as imaginative and interesting.

Boy, am I pleased that I now know what the weather in Chitral is going to be. Ever since the Mehtar of Chitral Saif-ur Rehman secretly married the woman who was engaged to the Nawab of Dhir and had to be spirited away to Peshawar by air, one had not heard any gossip about Chitral. Now we will get solid daily information — maximum and minimum temperature. [Bharat Bhushan/Calcutta Telegraph]

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  1. They can post a district magistrate and police superintendent for those districts.we can also elect some MPs from those parts. morons…

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