Muting Indian soft power?

…by shielding its citizens from listening to that corrupting symphony.

…by shielding its citizens from listening to that corrupting symphony

Levity on Monday mornings more than makes up for missed Sunday Levity posts. Since we are on the subject of soft-power, here’s something from Patrix. Citing a post on Amar Akbar Anthony he describes an incident that illustrates to what absurd lengths the Pakistani government can go in its bid to block Indian ‘influence’.

It seems PTV, Pakistan’s state-run television channel muted the Indian national anthem whenever it was played at the victory ceremonies at the Commonwealth Games 2006. I am not sure if that is true but if it is, I can only pity the poor Pakistanis who kept away from the ‘evil’ of Indian athletes winning the gold or from hearing our national anthem. Wait, there is more. They blanked out the entire section of the Ceremony when India presented their welcome performance for the next Commonwealth Games (2010) in Delhi. How paranoid can you get especially in this age of ubiquitous information via the Internet. [NEFA]

Or is it because the paranoia extends to the the anthem’s invocation of Sindh is tantamount to a new territorial claim?

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