HarperCollins makes a correction. Does Clinton?

It is encouraging though, to see how a tiny bit of unstructured collaboration between blogger and journalist secured a correction from HarperCollins in a matter of days. Madeleine Albright’s new book will now come with it.

Madeleine Albright’s book will now come with a correction

Today’s edition of Times of India carries a report filed by Chidanand Rajghatta, its Washington correspondent, on that matter of Clinton’s foreword to Albright’s new book (via Swami Iyer and Gaurav Sabnis). Chidanand went about seeking comment from Clinton, Albright and HarperCollins, the book’s publisher.

Clinton’s office did not return calls seeking comment or clarification, but the book’s publishers Harper Collins routed a correction through Albright’s office acknowledging the error, which was first highlighted on the blog The Acorn (http://acorn.nationalinterest.in/).

Page xi of the Mighty and the Almighty contains a reference to ‘Hindu militants that will be deleted in subsequent printings, both in America and in internation al editions. This error was due to a failure in the fact-checking process,’’ Harper Collins said in a statement e-mailed to TNN by Albright’s office Albright herself was busy promoting her new book on CNN on Wednesday. [Times of India Cutting/Link]

As Chidanand points out in his article, the former US president has resolutely refused to blame that massacre on jihadi groups. Well, that’s Clinton’s call. But if it is his intention to lay the blame at anyone’s door, he cannot do it surreptitiously. The massacre of innocent people is no trifling matter, and he is a former president of the United States and remains a very public figure. The only honourable course open to Clinton is for him to either make public the basis of his allegation, or simply acknowledge his mistake. Silence won’t do.

It is encouraging though, to see how a tiny bit of unstructured collaboration between blogger and journalist secured that correction from HarperCollins in a matter of days.

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  1. Yawn! another success for India’s best blogger.;-)

    What about Mrs. Clinton who could become the next President of USA? Does she too hold the same view?

  2. excellent work nitin and chidanand rajghat :). clinton still hasn’t learnt to own up to his mistakes. If he cannot back up his ludicrous claims then why make himself a laughing stock all over again, is he not one already?

  3. Nitin, it is encouraging indeed; well done.

    Clinton cannot simply state something such a controversial, and probably the most unlikely, thing about this massacre and then keep quiet. His silence only helps the perpetrators of this act, jihadist, and their supporters across the border.

  4. This is excellent. Your blog definitely has the influence and clout to be noticed. The correction was obvious and I hope Clinton issues a statement soon.

  5. Let us hope the Indian Americans at least broach this gaffe before opening their checkbooks for a photo-op…
    More importantly, Great job, Nitin.
    Many Thanks!!

  6. That’s a pretty commendable achievement. If Clinton retracts his statement, that would be an amazing success for you and the Indian blogosphere in general.

  7. “Well, that’s Clinton’s call.”

    You think so, Nitin?

    I am glad you brought it to everyone’s attention. But, is there any indication that Chidanand got started because of Acorn? If that were the case, I think that is great news – Indians blogs have arrived!

    Good work as always!

  8. I just saw Gaurav post…never mind my previous comment.

    That’s great!

  9. I am dumb…it was right in front of me…

    Sorry for filling up your blog with comments 🙁

  10. Way to go Nitin. Congratulations! Your blog clearly has thousands of “blurkers” (blog-world lurkers) who read but do not comment.

    Would be interesting if you could publish the countries from where your blog is accessed. Something like Clustrmaps for instance.

  11. I am really amazed! Thats the power of blog. Voices of the individuals can really make a difference, if noticed properly. Congrats, Nitin.

    I think your views should be read not only by journalists, but also by the politicians; if they care about the tagline of your blog ‘The Indian national interest’ earnestly.

  12. Great stuff.. Nitin & National Interest …
    Here’s to more in the future..

  13. Hi all,

    Thanks for the kind words. Indeed, it is Chidanand Rajghatta who was at the business end of this. I don’t think HarperCollins or Albright’s office would have responded with any urgency if not for the fact that it was a journalist from a big newspaper that was doing the asking. And I’m not saying this out of modesty.

    What I gather from this episode is that, more than the just the blogosphere itself, it is the connections and the partnerships that come about in the online world that can make a difference.

  14. The yanks who believe all turban wearers are terrorists, would never have noticed this faux pas leave alone acknowledge it.Great job to get an international publisher issue a corrigendum.Keep it going!

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