Pakistan’s F-16s go under the radar

This time it’s for real?

In India, the passage of the India-US nuclear accord is being watched (by those who care about such things) with the nailbiting intensity that usually accompanies a good cricket match. Halfway across the world, the non-proliferation community in the United States is wringing its hands. While most eyes are on the nuclear deal, the Bush administration has notified Congress of its intention to allow the sale of 36 F-16s (yes, those F-16s) to Pakistan. The US$5 billion deal includes 18 new and 18 used aircraft, as well as the upgrade of 34 aircraft from Pakistan’s existing fleet.

The deal will go through if Congress does not reject this less than 30 days. The deal is flying so much under the radar that it may not even be noticed.

6 thoughts on “Pakistan’s F-16s go under the radar”

  1. Nitin,
    I would appreciate some clarification on these non-binding amendments. Are these actually non-binding in nature or in diplomatic parlance do they have different meaning? Please do enlighten me.

  2. Nitin: Dallas Morning News reports that it is 36 new F-16 Block 52 (with electronics, AMRAAM, etc.) plus 26 older one from USAF in addition to refurbishing the 34 existinc. And the Harpoons (130 of them) too are en route. It seems State Department lobbied hard to Congress to pass it.

  3. CN, all of them very much necessary to blow up that extensive al-Qaeda’s anti-aircraft defense shield and to destroy that vast blue water terrorist navy. And, yes there is no nuclear deal-F16 and weapon sale hyphenation either.

  4. This may be the reason why Pakistan has been so quiet about the pending US-Indian nuclear deal other than the standard din of diplomatic doublespeak. They want the aircraft. To them it’s some sort of equalizer. Nevertheless, it proves one thing: The nuclear deal is not as important as some people make it out to be.

  5. Why should anyone be even watching the deal? The US congress is not stupid enough to jeaopardise such an awesome deal for the US. An agreement that completely destroys India’s capacity to become a serious nuclear weapons state, creates strategic dependence upon the US for technology and brings in billions of dollars for GE and other merchants of death : what’s not to like? Of course, the joke is on Indians who have given away their nuclear sovereignty and relegated themsleves to a perennial second-class power. It is tragic to watch court jesters like C Raja Mohan of the Indian Express cheer every little event in the imperial court, I mean, Capitol Hill.

  6. Isn’t India being offered F-18 Superhornets by Boeing? It’s by far the better fighter, in case India decides developing the Su-47 is taking too long.

    and yes, the deal won’t be noticed here.

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