The bigger fool

A test for you, dear readers

Who is the bigger fool?

The Terrorist, a discerning soul, who thought that he could target Gujarati people—that too the wealthy ones belonging to one particular religion—through the clever placement and timing of bombs in Mumbai’s local trains; or

The Journalist, a perspicacious soul, who believes—even before actually travelling on Mumbai’s trains—that the above is true (This includes The Economist’s correspondent)?

Update: The Sunday Express deduces a reason behind the bomb placement.

16 thoughts on “The bigger fool”

  1. Seema Mustafa in todays Deccan Chronicle make the Economist look intelligent by comparision.

  2. The leftist media is salivating over the fact that the Jehadis have joined in the Class Struggle by Bombing only First Class Coaches???!!!!!!

    They are dying to go dancing on the streets, burst crackers and distribute sweets but they are not able to because of obvious reasons. So we see all this tortuous prose from them.

  3. Thanks to Narendra Modi and the Aamir Khan – Narmada dam rehabilitation drama, Gujrati pride is being brought into every incident that remotely connects the state. That the majority of the people who’ve died were gujratis is only a co-incidence. It could have easily been anyone.

    Tomorrow, if two people fight on the street for whatever reasons, and if one of them happens to be Modi’s mausi ki-beti ki-damad ka-bhai ka-bete ka-biwi ka-bhai, and the other from a uh-oh minority community, guess what the headline in the TOI be!!!

  4. Santosh,

    That the majority of the people who’ve died were gujratis is only a co-incidence. It could have easily been anyone.

    Is this even true? See these links.

    The list of casualties looks like a cross-section of India. I could not bring myself to attempt to sort them by language/geography/religion.

    But my question is not even about who the terrorists ended up killing. But rather, how reasonable is it to believe that bombs in Mumbai locals can selectively target certain people.

  5. The only reason they chose First class bogies is because it is less crowded than a second class bogie, there is less pushing and shoving and u get a place to stand.

    SO the bombs won’t go off prematurely. the leftist media simply doesn’t want to explore this angle at all.

  6. Nitin,

    I think the greatest idiot/charlatan and a qualified fool is this guy from sepia mutiny who makes these concluding remarks:

    I hope this isn’t about Gujarat and that these are just rumors. If this violence is related to the state of affairs in Gujarat then all of India better get involved now. India can no longer allow the status quo (e.g. poor leadership, unaddressed concerns on both sides) in Gujarat to continue because a powder keg like this can threaten the whole country. And I pray that this doesn’t result in a violent backlash if it turns out to be true.

    What an idiot.

  7. That’s classic Abhi of Sepiamutiny – let’s give same weight to LeT denials and Indian intellegence reports; let’s give same weight to al-Qaeda and US govt; let’s give same weight to Paki govt and Indian govt.

    According these idiot justifiers, the former organizations will gave the same repeated access to journalists (as the latter) so that they can ask the same question again and again to make sure nothing slipped up.

    But then the bigger fools have bigger microphones.

  8. Nitin,

    Asian Age had article of similar vein, where Bomb blasts were linked with Buwandi violence and incredibly Meena Tai statue controversy.

    Today M.J. Akbar has written an editorial in which he

    1) Insinuates that Simi may be innocent and the government is implicating it in order to show progress.

    2) The bomb blasts had an element of class struggle.

    This is surprsing, as usually M.J. Akbar writes better editorials.


    PS. Gentle commentators please forgive the “We are americans who happen to have Indian phenotypes”
    bloggers, they do not know what they are talking about.

  9. Somini Sengupta on NYT presented a variation of the same theme where she stressed the first-class compartments and the fact that almost all the victims were men. The meme seems to be: either rationalize it as a reaction to Gujarat riots or add a class/gender struggle angle.
    As usual, she also religiously avoided terror/terrorism by referring to it as “crime” and “bombing” perpetrated by “bombers”. While Kasuri was politely “calling attention to sagging attempts to negotiate peace”, Indian spokesman just “lashed out”.

  10. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are [being targetted with impunity by you know who]underlings”

  11. In this case it is the journalist of course. The journalist assumes that all that the terrorists are doing are avenging Gujarat. They have no other mission other than removal of Narendra Modi. Can anybody explain the blasts in Delhi last year and Varanasi this year? Did any Gujaratis’ die in the Delhi blasts? If yes – then even that was to avenge Gujarat.
    The most brazen statements so far are from AR Antulay and Arjun Singh.

  12. Nitin, first time commentor here.

    Dont get me wrong for below comments, but Indians should be responding much more strongly than that wimpish response from you-know-who (I dont want this site to be banned by the freedom loving liberal leftists and congressis, and so not putting any names here).

    Why the hell do we keep asking the Pakkis to stop terrorism, when we ourselves allow it to flourish.
    Why do we accuse Pakkis of hosting terrorism on its soil, when we ourselves host them, and even encourage them. Examples.. deoband, SIMI, the terror orgs in Kerala and Tamilnadu, etc.

    Do you think the world community will take our accusations seriously and that India and other countries can pressure Pak to stop terrorism. Forget it. Pak can conviniently point out that India themselves are hosting terrorists on their soil, not taking action against them. Unless we crack down on Islamic terrorists in India (which we are not doing to prove our secularism and votebank etc), we cannot expect Pak to stop it.

  13. Nitin, to add to my above comment,

    Do you think the world takes us seriously, when news of Osama lookalikes used in election campaigns make it to the world media.

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