G-8 won’t help India on terrorism

Okay, they gave you a shoulder to cry on

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s participation at the G-8 summit was meaningful for some things. But ‘gains’ against Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is not one of them. No matter how C Raja Mohan spins it.

There were three real gains for New Delhi from today’s statement from the entire international community. One, unprecedented international solidarity with India’s struggle against terror; two, a collective warning that Pakistan must watch out; and finally the assertion terrorism in the region affects all the nations of the world and is a threat to “international peace and security”.

The phrase “threat to international peace and security” is usually a trigger for the United Nations Security Council to act. While that might be some distance away, it should not be entirely inconceivable. [IE]

More likely, this is simply an attempt by the UPA government’s media managers to explain Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to go ahead with a trip to St Petersburg days after the attack on Mumbai. His absence from the scene does not make much of a difference, for his lack of public leadership is now accepted as another of those things India just has to live with. But national security advisor M K Narayanan’s being on the trip is surprising—one would reasonably have expected him to be doing everything to uncover the conspiracy, hunt down the terrorists and send some signals to their sponsors. And Raja Mohan does not say that India may not have pressed for the G-8 statement to mention Pakistan by name.

Counter-terrorism begins at home. Those charged with this responsibility would do well to take their own steps instead of relying on G-8 statements and possible UN resolutions.

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  1. >>”g-8 can’t help India on terrorism”

    So can’t Manmohan Singh, UPA,BJP, NDA,CPI(m),CPI..
    I don think we are going to fight it. The only thing that is in our prime minister’s hands is “providing more funds for equipping major public hubs with sophisticated disaster management systems”…atleast then we can react better and faster than we do now…oops..only if the alliance partners and of course the SP allow him to..

  2. “Noteworthy as well was Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran’s firm denial of any desire to have Pakistan labelled as a guilty party in any terrorism-related statement that may be issued at the G-8 summit. The message is unambiguous.”

    Isn’t that nice? How exactly is Pak put on notice then we ourselves don’t want to use its name? We can see islamic terrorists shivering after reading G8 communiqué!

  3. I’ve been hopping mad at Hezbollah and Israel over the weekend. Just when I was thinking that the Bombay blasts timing coinciding with G8 summit could possibly mean Pakistan really being hauled up, these two
    fuckwits go to war. Now all the attention goes back to the Middle East and no one cares about Bombay.


  4. I find it particularly stupid that we have to whine at every international forum about terrorism. Just getting formal or informal statements from international bodies isn’t enough. The babus then put their spin on the statements and how it was a bloody major victory for India. WTF? How many terrorists does that statement actually take down? DO something about it at home. The G8, 15 or 100 isn’t going to clean up your internal mess for you.

    This rubbish reminds me of how Pakistan whines about Kashmir at every international gathering possible. So we are essentially becoming Pakistan anyway. We ban websites, we crib about terrorism like Pak whines about Kashmir. And finally, Manmohan Singh is actually stupid enough to ask GWBush about ‘ideas’ to eliminate terrorism. Why do I get the feeling Manmohan is trying to become what Mush was to Bush?

    By the way Nitin, better not criticise too much. Moderate comments. Your website might get on the ‘list’ too.

  5. Sheikh – S – Peer, Redux

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are [being targetted with impunity by you know who] underlings”

  6. Gaurav, is Darfur a nuclear state with the fastest growing economy in the world?

    With respect to India, I suspect one reason why the world does not issue their “stern communiques” on Kashmir is because India does not want them to. The confused old school bloc still feel it is a problem that India alone has to solve, that mediation of any kind is unacceptable and so on. It has been Pakistan all along which has been setting the bar for information on the Kashmir dispute.

  7. Seven_Times_Six,

    Why does nuclear state with fastest growing economy need to go begging and grovelling to G8, why can’t it solve its problems by itself?


  8. When we went to the brink of war after the attack on parliament, none of these forums could force the General across the border to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. Unfortunately or otherwise (topic of different dicussion), we happily retreated because we were made promises which we knew would never be fulfilled. Taking cough syrup if you have cancer wont cure you though it may mentally satisfy that you took some step. This time around, we are so reluctantly (and that too indirectly) blaming Pakistan, that the G8 is doing only a lip service. Even the General doesn’t mind this and offers condolences to the blast victims himself.

    There are some serious lessons that we can learn from that tiny country surrounded by enemies (Israel and the Arabland). Some may say that the U.S. is behind Israel so they can punish whoever they want. But, what did we do when the former Soviet Union was our best friend and the U.S. was not our bete-noire? Yes, agreed that Pakistan is not Palestine, but why can’t we set an example for the rest of the world to follow. We keep setting all the wrong precedents in the world (Rubaiya and Kandahar), that 100 years from now, our future generations would feel ashamed of us. The time to act has long elapsed, and if we do something now, it’ll only be a belated one (I would welcome even that).

  9. Why does nuclear state with fastest growing economy need to go begging and grovelling to G8, why can’t it solve its problems by itself?

    True dat.

    But puppy dog-master is not the only relationship possible with the international community.
    There could be allies too.

    The US, before bombing Afghanistan, took help from its allies.
    Israel is able to bomb Lebanon only because of support from the US.

  10. Seven_Times_Six,

    I agree, however for that to happen India has to show some initiatives, which it is not doing.
    Talk is cheap and doesn’t go anywhere


  11. Sad, pathetic and sick that India has to go to G-8 to ask for Western help…since when did 1/6th of humanity need to ask the remaining 5/6th about good or bad/right or wrong/evil or good?
    This whole business of India behaving like a little baby does not behove our position in this world…i just love it when Bush says Israel has to do what it has to do..and indeed so must India…when are we going to reclaim our position in the order of things? when will we sit at the head of the table with our head held high and not read and refer to the Economists/Readers Digests/George Bushes and the all and sundry of this world to form and express our views?

    Probably not in my life time and yours…

  12. Gaurav,

    I heard that Tharoor is angling to be India’s Foreign/External Affairs Minister.
    Makes sense, No.

  13. All I can say is Bravo Israel, Bravo…now give us some of that sauce that you jews use in your cooking…we badly need it..coz our curry just ain’t working out for us…

  14. Wow! How come this site is not banned yet?
    And Nitin, did you use your judgement to delete some of the comments or was it due to warnings by Gaurav and Alok?

  15. When I was a kid we picked the most on the guy who went crying home to mama. Guess, that kid has grown up and become the republic of India.

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