Aksai Chin in replica

A bit of the Himalayas turns up in a Chinese village, hundreds of kilometres away

The Google Earth community has unearthed (pun unintended) another gem. At a military base near Huangyangtan, China has created a gigantic scale model of the terrain of a part of Aksai Chin, on the disputed frontier with India. (linkthanks Pratik Singh)

Huangyangtan military base - Photo from TheRegister

The question is, why? One theory, among the many, put forward is that the model serves as training ground for helicopter pilots: but size of the model (0.6 sq.km) may be too small for this purpose. But it may be what engineers need to work out how to construct roads in that remote region.

3 thoughts on “Aksai Chin in replica”

  1. I could hear the UPA say that China and India are related civilizations which had close links for the past 25 trillion years. That makes sense of “Chindia”.

  2. OK…so are we trying to turn Mumbai into another Shanghai to counter that? Hmm..great strategic thinking!!!

  3. Nitin, I hope you are not serious about road construction. I took a closer look at that map (esp the on Sydney Morning Herald Blog) and compared it to Google Earth map of J&K. It’s a nice replia pointing north-south of eastern portion of J&K including part of Himachal Pradesh (the southwest portion of the replica). Pretty well done. Along with the newly constructed rail line and brand new roads in southern Tibet along the Indian border there is only one reason for the replica to be located on a military base.

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