The Hammurabi code of diplomacy

Here we go again

Pakistan expels an India diplomat and brings the laundry to the street. India reciprocates in kind. It turns out that the latest round started two months ago, when New Delhi had quietly expelled a Pakistani official, and Islamabad as surely as night follows day, returned the compliment.

An expulsion for an expulsion. That is the rule.


Deepak Kaul, a consular at the Indian High Commission, has confessed that he is an official of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and not a diplomat.

The sources said Kaul took over as the RAW boss in Islamabad on September 12, 2003. He was “famous” for mix-drink parties at his residence. Kaul was not first RAW man who was designated to head the visa section, his predecessors Vipin Handa, who was here till 1999 as consular and head of the visa section, too, was a RAW official. Handa was transferred to New Delhi where he died after being stranded in the elevator of RAW headquarters in New Delhi. [The News]

6 thoughts on “The Hammurabi code of diplomacy”

  1. Ooohh … I quiver with fear. What’s going to happen to the peace process? I’ve lined up some fat ladies all willing to sing – haven’t had the oppotunity yet 🙂

  2. Maybe that’s why they consider increasing the number of diplomats as a confidence-building measure. That way they can do this for a longer time before there will be none 🙂

  3. The faster the diplomats on either side get expelled, the sooner this ‘sham’ peace process will end!!!!
    And let us focus on the real issue… unrelenting terrorism directed from Pakistan to India… and work towards eliminating it…

  4. The diplomats probably cringe the most – the biryani’s always tastier on the other side.

    On an unrelated note, Daily Times either has a picture of Tasneem Aslam or of Musharraf on their front page each day. Yin and Yang?

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