Iraqi infusion for the Taliban

The tricks of Baghdad…

The globalisation of jihadi militancy proceeds along three main dimensions: inspiration, infrastructure and tactics. The likes of the Lashkar-e-Taiba made their way to Iraq in 2004, when insurgency flared up there. Now the lessons of Iraq are being applied in Afghanistan—by the Taliban.

American commanders are troubled both by the ability of the Taliban to operate in large numbers and that the guerrilla fighters have displayed a level of tactical sophistication unseen since the initial U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Additionally worrisome has been the migration of weapons and tactics more commonly found in Iraq to the Afghan battlefield. [DefenseNews]

Of course, as American commanders acknowledge, the Taliban have a helping hand in Pakistan. It may not be long before Indian security forces have to contend with the Iraqi influence. That is, if they are not contending with it already.

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  1. Moreover, what is also worrisome Nitin is that with the Hizbollah giving the Israeli army a bloody lesson in guerilla warfare, this “expertise” will soon be adapted by the jihadis in Kashmir. Unfortunately, in this case, the world is indeed flat.

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