Time to send a message to Dhaka

Bangladeshi policy towards India has few redeeming features

India’s tolerance of incidents of firing at the India-Bangladesh border is nothing short of inexplicable.

Forget the complex dynamics with Pakistan or China, it is India’s inability to quieten the border with Bangladesh that demonstrates its failure to comprehend the use of force to maintain peace. The Acorn has argued that India must make conflict more expensive for Bangladesh, including the use of force to inflict deterrent punishment on Bangladeshi forces.

Of course, hostilities will only galvanise Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s re-election bid. But many Bangladeshis will know it was her government that was responsible for the provocation. In any event, it is time that India delinked its policy towards Bangladesh from that country’s internal politics. It hardly serves India’s interests to have generally friendly relations with the Bangladeshi government for half-the-time, only to have a vicious anti-India regime in place during the other half.

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  1. Sandeep,

    No. I didn’t miss it at all. I just thought that the media gets all excited when what is at state is mere territory.

    And why, if India is not willing to fight to get it back, I guess the Bangladeshis have a right to keep it. And I’m not being sarcastic at all.

  2. The Pioneer (and strangely nobody else) reported this. We are as soft as squishy toys eh? 2 acres today, a lot more tomorrow. And btw, its not capture/encroachment it is “adverse possession’. Our leadership does not have the guts to take even puny Bangladesh by the horns eh?

    The Pioneer also reported that the Pakis are building some posts, bunkers along the international border in Kashmir – taking advantage of the cease fire?

  3. When has India Reacted?
    Our state is genitically cowardly.With 50 yrs history of pseudosecularism from the congress,and indecisive babudum.
    We didnt react in the Nda times as i distinctly remember,
    during the Sheikh Hasina govt,not even covertly to get that general who ordered the killing.as it could have been counterproductive. read
    net net finally the khalida zia was voted in with support from the RADICALS like Jamaat-e-Islami, Islami_Oikya_Jot.
    More trouble was naturally expected.
    Forget loosing land,Bdesh is now an active launching pad and training camp for isi and half a dozen N east organistions like the ulfa
    Forget upa acting militarily to get back our land,as it is we have the weakest pm who wont yawn bfor askg Soniaji, the bongling bong as our defence minister who is less interested in defence and more in volkar and natwar, and gets panicy when the words HOT PERSUIT r uttered, and lstly commis who will never agree.
    Let it first clean up Assam and NE of the substantial Bangladeshi population which is now changing the demographics thanks to the IMDT and its reprecussions.
    ps R u remotely related to Paimam of the Strand Bookstore somehow ?

  4. I would defiitely not call it ‘cowardly’, but I do agree that we lack a coherent and consistent policy towards the intrusions. It will take a determined approach to come up with such a policy and for that it needs the focus that it deserves. Since when have we seen any focus from the government now?

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