Earthquake relief funds were used to fund British terror plot

Charitable organisations, indeed.

Responding to Karan Thapar’s question on jihadi groups carrying out relief activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir after last December’s earthquake, Gen Musharraf said:

No, If [Jamaat-ud-Dawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba] are there and they are carrying out relief operations, and they are doing a good job, I have no reason to stop anyone who is not banned and doing a good job or relief in the people. Why should I stop anyone? So, that’s the issue. [Gen Musharraf, via CNN-IBN, Feb 2006]

So he would be hard pressed to explain this: Pakistan’s Daily Times has found out that “quake money” was used to fund the UK terror plot.

Although it is not publicised, it has been reported that even Western aid agencies provided funds and assistance to jihadi groups given their strength on the ground. Money, though, is fungible. Some of it is finding its way to fund some very uncharitable activities.

4 thoughts on “Earthquake relief funds were used to fund British terror plot”

  1. Vulturo—That’s right.

    Patrix—the Daily Times report goes on to say that money marked “earthquake relief” was used to disguise the real purpose. At this time we can’t say for sure whether they siphoned off the earthquake funds, or used simply used the earthquake to hide their actions (eg going for training under the cloak of ‘charity’, disguising fund flows etc). However, the fungibility of the money still stays. It does not matter if the money was made available to the terrorists for dental expenses or to directly buy explosives…

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