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Front Cover of Frontline Magazine Vol 23 No 16

Musharraf endorses Frontline

THE first thing that strikes one on meeting the President of Pakistan, General Perverz Musharraf, is his spontaneity and dignified affability…He is cautious but devoid of guile and pettiness. [A G Noorani/Frontline]

A G Noorani, who is so obviously bowled over by Musharraf’s person (he calls him “Sir”), so convinced that India must make concessions, does not once use the word “terrorism”. He even calls the Mumbai blasts a “development” and an “unfortunate occurrence”.

But nothing beats the manner in which he ends the article:

Mr. President, I am extremely grateful to you. As always, you have been very forthright, very explicit. It is my assessment that as a result of your clarifications, we are very close to bridging the gap. The matter is now between the two leaders. But you have certainly helped to clarify thinking. As a result of the clarifications we have moved somewhat closer to a deal. [A G Noorani/Frontline]

Noorani grandly suggests that he has achieved what the entire foreign policy establishments of India and Pakistan could not. And now that he’s brought the two sides so close to a deal, it’s simply a matter for Musharraf and Manmohan Singh to sort out. His naïvete is amazing, as are his delusions.

13 thoughts on “India’s funniest magazine”

  1. Nitin,

    Important question

    My roommate subscribes to this source of wisdom. Should I give him a laxative ?

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.


  2. Gaurav,

    I think you should read it regularly. Apart from the occassional amusement, it will also provide you with a sense of how much there is to prevail over.

  3. Musharraf.. devoid of guile? The same Musharraf who went behind his Prime Minister’s back & sent soldiers to Kargil?

    Yes, certainly Onion material 🙂

  4. Nitin: your piece was funny. But after seeing Noorani lay prostrate before this illegitimate self-installed thug, I had to stop. Noorani “Sir”-ing Musharraf is only topped by Musharraf kissing Bush’s behind when Bush visited.

    Frontline is a Hindu group publication. Thought those guys had a clue.

  5. I have no problems with Noorani speaking about Musharraf’s ‘dignified affability‘. Whatever his politics may be, Musharraf could be dignified and all that as a private person. However, I think Noorani’s ingratiating behviour is offensive. Let me find a barf bag!!

  6. Sameer,

    Sure. “Dignified affability” can be detected in one meeting. But one meeting is not enough to conclude that there is an absence of guile and pettiness, especially considering the facts—Kargil, coup, U-turns, lack thereof, etc.

    But it is sheer naivete to assume that his personal qualities somehow will translate into policy. Foreign policy of countries may well be disguised under the leader’s personality or politics, but is solely determined by their fundamental interests. In Pakistan this is defined by the military establishment. However affable Musharraf may be, he won’t act against those interests. Noorani has not made out a case that argues that the military establishment’s perceptions of its self-interest have changed.

  7. But one meeting is not enough to conclude that there is an absence of guile and pettiness, especially considering the facts—Kargil, coup, U-turns, lack thereof, etc

    You have forgotten to mention the most important one:

    Staged Assassination Dramas.

  8. “Crazy Moroni” seems the more appropriate moniker. Why, the fellow beats even The Spindian Express!

  9. A Message of Peace title should have a Dove or a flower on the cover, I’d think.

    I hope Nitin has not morphed the picture to spread the mean hindu propaganda lies again.

  10. There is nothing wrong in calling a dictator “Sir”! Apparently Frontline is quality magazine just like the General’s claim, few days ago, that Manmohan is better prime minister than Vajpayee. This quality comes in a platter.

  11. This Noorani or Moorani looks, clearly, from his other publications in addition to smelling and enjoying Musharraf’s back is a Pakistani agent in the guise of a constitutional expert;
    This comment has been edited

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