Only leadership (and 200 soldiers)

That’s France’s contribution to the UN peacekeeping contingent

Bangladesh, Nepal and perhaps Malaysia will contribute most of the strength of the proposed UN peace keeping contingent in Lebanon. Israel is shocked that countries that don’t even recognise its right to exist can be part of the UN force, which is ostensibly neutral’.

French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie defended the country’s decision to send just 200 additional troops.

“I can’t let it be said or implied that France is not doing its duty in the Lebanese crisis,” Alliot-Marie said.

She noted that France was willing to continue leading the force, while Denis Simonneau, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, reiterated that France could always send more troops. [WP]

France, which is leading the effort is only sending leaders for the contingent. Why, what’s wrong with Bangladeshi, Nepali or Malaysian generals?

Update: The Washington Post asks: “Where did the French go?”

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  1. Just like the French. Not surprising from a country that rolled over and played dead in WWII, protected Danone (yogurt maker) from a US takeover because it was a national asset, made Mittal jump through hoops with his “monkey money”, and has solved the terrorism problem by instituting a ban on head-scarves …

  2. This reminds me of something I had read around a year ago. I think it was the EU budget meeting and Chirac was instrumental in getting Blair to cough up a lot more money than intially planned. While opposition parties in London were blaming Blair for sending Britain’s taxpayer’s money for cleaning up Polish sewers, Chirac was rolling over with laughter in Paris.

  3. The French are getting smarter by the day. They surrendered to the English, germans, vietnamese, algerians etc… after pretending to fight. Now they just surrender without bothering to fight.

  4. Overheard, last month

    person # 1 – “seems world war three has begun?”

    person # 2 – “it ain’t a world war, until the french have surrendred”

  5. Gaurav, Kaul: that’s funny 🙂

    I’m sure I met the exceptions – but the few I’ve interacted with complain about “cultureless America”, “boring American women”, how they miss their morning baguetttes at little cafes, but make the supreme sacrifice because the money is better in the US. Must be hard for the poor suckers 🙂

  6. Ah the French…….still carrying the white man’s burden!!! We will provide the generals, you provide the grunts. Classic!!!!

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