Only the perfect can comment on Pakistan’s internal affairs

If international relations only worked this way

Disarmed as it is by the need to keep the farcical ‘peace process’ going, India’s comment on Pakistan’s killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was mild. According to India, the killing was a “tragic loss” and “unfortunate”, as if the old Nawab had died in a car accident.

But the Pakistani foreign office took great offence to even this.

A spokesperson said the statement “is not only against the well-established norms of inter-state relations but also a blatant interference in the internal affairs of a neighbouring country.”

It said India’s “purported” concern for the people of other countries was “ill-advised” considering it had so many of insurgencies of its own — the statement contained a long list of insurgencies in the North-East — that were being “suppressed by force.” [The Hindu]

According to Pakistan, only perfect, faultless countries can offer comment on others’ internal affairs. The good officials at Pakistan’s foreign office did not have to explain how this squares with Pakistan’s own gratuitous comments on the Middle-East, India and Europe.

India should have anticipated such a reaction from Pakistan. That’s why offering a mild comment was neither here nor there. The right thing to do was to condemn the undemocratic practice assassinating political dissidents. Pakistan would have been hard pressed to react any more vociferously than it just did.

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  1. A spokeswoman from the Pakistan foreign office was spitting venom on NDTV yesterday. I wonder why do we have to give airtime to such fools? And, why does India have to come out which such neutered statements?

    First of all, only idiots would believe that India isnt providing some sort of support to the Baluchis. I support it. We wont sit around and haemorrage to death while you bleed us. We will bleed you.

    Secondly, to Indian TV stations, please dont waste valuable airtime by seeking interviews from defensive, frustrated and issue-less “spokespersons” who have been coached in the art of double speak and vitriol.

    For Pakistan, this is hopefully the start of the end.

  2. Gaurav: agree with the support to the Baluchis.

    Don’t think this is the unraveling point for Pak though. I suspect their unraveling is already in progress – we just need to make sure they continue to be lead by messianic military mutts (who’ve never won a war outside their benighted country – they’ve won every war inside it!). I suspect the concept of Pakistan will die a slow torturous death – under the weight of its own contradictions – rather than in one fell swoop.

  3. Of course another thing Pak can teach us is how to provide “moral” support to “freedom fighters”. I don’t think we are very good at it even though there are opportunities galore. The “peace process” is floundering and I am sure by giving these lessons Pakistan will finally contribute a confidence building measure that will be wildly popular in India.

  4. Here is the official Indian response to the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by Israel. I quote a part:

    As a victim of terror itself, India knew that no compromise could be made with terrorists and urged the international community to be firm in combating terrorism. While States had the right to defend themselves, States must also be judged by higher norms and standards than terrorist entities, as they were the main upholders of international law.

    34 countries voted in favour of holding a special sitting of Commission on Human Rights on the assasination, 3 voted against. Wonder how many countries would speak up against this killing by the Pakistani government?

  5. But, but we are all brothers and sisters.

    We can’t let sacrifice of hundreds of candles go waste, can we ??

    Let’s give peace a chance…

  6. No doubt the Pakistan government has erred in killing Nawab Bugti and have only succeeded in creating a martyr. This will have ramifications for the future of the Pakistani federation. But the real losers in all this are the poor people of Balochistan who are now caught in a potentially dangerous situation and a national government that wants to do absolutely nothing for their economic development.

  7. One day if Mr. Daud Ibrahim is killed in a car accident, you dudes must expect such a mild response from Pakistan that it was a ‘tragic loss’ and ‘unfortunate’. It would be interesting to listen how Indian’s foreign office would response to this mild comment.

  8. Mirza,

    One day if Mr. Daud Ibrahim is killed in a car accident, you dudes must expect such a mild response from Pakistan that it was a ‘tragic loss’ and ‘unfortunate’. It would be interesting to listen how Indian’s foreign office would response to this mild comment.

    In such a case, Pakistan’s remarks will be the icing on the cake. I’d advise the Indian foreign office to thank the Pakistani government very much for scoring a hit-wicket.

  9. we indians are poor bargainers and
    think too much of what the na-pakis will think
    our history proves our considerate and civilized manner
    and it does not work with feudal trecherous genetic liare or the na-pakis

    from prithviraj chauhan –
    to gandhi
    to nehru
    to indira
    to manmohan aka sonias ***

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