Forget the Rolex

…where do they make those undestructable spectacles?

Public reaction caught Gen Musharraf on the wrong foot. So it turns out that Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was not killed in a gunfight with the Pakistani army, as the original tale went, but that he was killed when the cave in which he was hiding, well, caved in. The poor local government official at Dera Bugti claimed that “while Nawab Bugti’s face and legs were unharmed, the torso had been crushed by a heavy boulder”. He also produced the late Nawab’s wallet, Rolex wristwatch and spectacles.

Nice advertisement for Rolex. But as some journalists noted, the spectacles too were unscratched.

After a week in which the cause of death and location of the body changed several times, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was buried in a plywood coffin. The locks that sealed the coffin were Chinese. The silence, though, was American.

3 thoughts on “Forget the Rolex”

  1. Nitin: any read on how active our spooks are? This is a great opportunity to hone their fishing (in troubled waters) skills. Several (presumably clued-in) commentators (Abbas Rashid among thr many) have raised the spectre of a 1971 redux. Agree with your thesis that that’s a really long shot – but wonder if you’re willing to hazard a guess on what the end-game here is.

  2. Libertarian,

    C Raja Mohan’s op-ed in the Indian Express immediately after the killing indicated that India was not going to pursue it. I think that Raja Mohan’s column is a channel by which Manmohan Singh’s PMO gets the message across to Musharraf. The serve and volley from the foreign office spokespersons takes place at a very different level.

    One thing about Pakistani commentators is that they always draw parallels from (and then lament) their post-1947 history. While there are similarities (eg US attitude towards the General at the helm) some decisive factors are different. Geography, demography, popularity of the resistance leadership, cultural history, and of course, the Indian intervention are among them. So separation is a very remote. A bloody, festering wound is more likely.

    Maverick has an interesting post on this.

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