Worshipping false gods

M K Bhadrakumar edition

Sometimes it shows. Many on the Indian Left look up China because, well, they are Leftists and China used to be too. But sometimes, the admiration causes them to make some fantastic assertions. Referring to long-running insurgencies in Balochistan and India’s North Eastern states, M K Bhadrakumar writes:

The subcontinent’s political culture arguably makes allowance for such bloodshed. India and Pakistan are not like China, which puts primacy on creating a peaceful environment in which meaningful growth becomes possible. [Rediff emphasis added]

There you were, thinking that democracy provides the best way to balance development and equity. And then along comes Bhadrakumar, lumps you in the same category as Pakistan and then tells you that it is China that is “creating a peaceful environment” in which growth becomes possible. Surely, he couldn’t be recommending that India follow the Chinese model when it comes to “putting primacy on creating a peaceful environment”?

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  1. This is stupidity of sorts the Left uses to portray their ideological affinity with China. The fact is China is not Communist in any sense (except the name of the party that rules and controls the trade unions). What will he say about the ‘peaceful’ ‘growth’ that was brough about by Great Leap forward and Cultural Revolution? The subjugation and destruction of Tibet and Tibetan culture was peaceful too. The development in China disregards harmful effect on the environment and is destroying the social fabric as people working in manufacturing units are living and working under shabby conditions. The political culture in China doesn’t respect these and it is the political culture in India that is allowing these leftists to wield power at national level with 40 seats. They would have been relegated into oblivion under the ‘Chinese’ brand of political culture.

  2. Every nation has its cross to carry. We have the commies. They’re more loyal than Marx when it comes to their “ideology”. They’d be fascinating exhibits in a cage or a museum – they’re a miserable pain in the rear out in the open.

  3. LOL, well said Nitin 🙂 this is the “angriest” post of yours so far. Surprised (pleasantly) at the tone (which actually belongs to me!). Heh Heh!

  4. MK Bhadrakumar thankfully writes on Rediff.com where he is subject to public criticism. A Chinese bootlicking dork he may be but can still be called to account. Would you rather have a dork like Siddharth Varadarajan of The Hindu (actually The South India China Post) who cautions India against military exchanges with Japan because Japan has territorial disputes with its neighbours?

  5. Anybody else find this curious.
    Note – how Siddarth Vardarajan (India)leans left, while his brother Tunku ( America) is an ardent Freemarketeer/Republican writer for the Wall Street Journal.

    Similarly, Dilip Dsouza ( India ) is a lefty, whilst his sibling, Dinesh (America) shills for the Religious Right in the U.S.

    Siling rivalry or “keeping it in the family”?

    p.s. it is friday morn, so do excuse my conspitorial tone.

  6. …China, which puts primacy on creating a peaceful environment in which meaningful growth becomes possible.

    In English, it translates into “China, which suppresses dissent to create a favorable FDI climate.” The left is amazingly deceptive by obfuscating uncomfortable truths in glorious jargon. Oops, it’s infectious;) Here’s a gem from another famous author on the left:

    If the diaffected Arab activist today is induced to take pride only in the purity of Islam, rather than in the many-sided richness of Arab history, the unique prioritization of religion has certainly played a big part in that interpretational enclosure.[Amartya Sen, 2005. The Argumentative Indian, London: Penguin Books, p. 165, f.n]

    In English, it says that the Arab terrorist waging Jihad, does so only because he is identified as a muslim by the media.

  7. Kaul, I didn’t realize Dinesh and Dilip were brothers! (I thought they may be.) Does Dilip look like Dinesh too 🙂 Kidding.

    Nitin, may be we should publicly shoot, in the head, JKLF, ULFA, Naxalite, SIMI, and other sundry terror groups leaders one fine morning to create a peaceful environment for double digit economic growth, a la Chinese.

  8. Are the guys identified in these comments (Bhadrakumar, Siddarth V, Dileep D etc) doing this merely out of their stupidity, or are they being paid? if there is chinese or any other money involved, I too can write some english and am not averse to making some money on the side, you know 🙂

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