Okay, try the “joint institutional mechanism” now

And ask Pakistan’s ISI to help bring the Pakistan’s ISI to justice

Mumbai Police have completed their investigations into the July 11th train bombings. Commissioner A N Roy has explicitly and unambiguously stated that “Pakistan’s ISI was the ‘mastermind’ behind the terror attacks carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba with help from SIMI activists.”

The “India-Pakistan joint institutional mechanism to fight terrorism”—that abominable contradiction that was conjured up in Havana a few days ago—can now figure out how to handle this one. Gen Musharraf has just defended ISI against a British report that it is masterminding the Taliban insurgency. For his part, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will find the need to use a four letter word—Ouch!

Courtesy: Point Blank by Vikram Nandwani

But you’ll never know, Dr Manmohan Singh’s spin doctors may now question Mumbai Police’s professionalism.

Update:On CNN, Pakistan’s information minister rejected these “claims”, and in all sweet reasonableness asked for concrete evidence. “Testimony from people locked up in cells won’t do”, he said.

Oct 1st

India wants Pakistan to not only talk but take action against terrorism on the ground as Islamabad will be judged by its actions and not words, new Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon told reporters [DNA]

7 thoughts on “Okay, try the “joint institutional mechanism” now”

  1. It is the same old canned response from Pakistan. The only time they have “responded” is when they were given an ultimatum ” or Else” by the Americans in the aftermath of 9/11.

    Musharraf has probably wargamed this and hoping that the Indian Govt doesn’t have the spine to order a full scale invasion. If it did it would be a totally different ballgame alltogether.

  2. Anand: agree – guess he never heard of talking softly and carrying a big stick. In his own words “And if ISI is not with you, you will fail”. What he meant was “if ISI is not with you, it is against you, (and hence) you will fail”.

  3. Supercop KPS Gill gets it right:

    “…one thing is already and abundantly clear: Gen Musharraf has now been demonstrated to be an inveterate, compulsive and unashamed liar. This, of course, is not news to those who have watched Pakistan and its leader through the clear eye of realism over the past seven years. The Indian and global discourse has, however, been dominated by the many who have tended to grant the General extraordinary latitude, and others who were seduced into believing his every past falsehood. Since many of Gen Musharraf’s lies have been exposed in his own narrative now, his positions can be expected to attract a greater measure of scepticism in future.”


  4. Nitin,

    Indians make the charge, the pakistanis dismiss it, and this tired old game goes on. Unless we have the power and the will to act upon the charges we make, we end up losing more and more credibility and respect of the world, and end up as ridiculous bunnies.This constant petitioning the west should also end.

    We must be prepared with the fact that when you deal with Islamists, you have to deal with their extreme perfidy as well, which is part of there belief system.

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