99% uniform?

Where we amuse ourselves with a contradiction in terms

In a post titled “Myths related to Uniform Civil Code”, Krish writes:

In fact, contrary to what Hindutva goons would like you to believe, 99% of India’s civil code is uniform. [Krishworld]

The way he frames the issue leaves anyone with an opposing point of view at the risk of being labeled a “Hindutva goon”, or worse. Yet, surely, there is a profound difference between 99% and uniform.

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  1. Nitin, You are absolutely right. Check this
    Difference Between Humans and Apes Linked to a Missing Oxygen Atom
    The differences between humans and apes are physically and functionally apparent, but genetically humans are extraordinarily similar to apes, especially to the chimpanzee and the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee).

    “We are so close in our DNA that if you were a visitor from another planet analyzing DNA samples of earth species, you would assume that there were greater differences between chimpanzees and gorillas than between chimpanzees and humans,” said Ajit Varki, M.D., professor of medicine with the UCSD Cancer Center and the Divisions of Hematology-Oncology and Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine.


    If an oxygen atom can make such a huge difference, I am proud to be a Hindutva goon.

  2. Nitin remember ur previous post about propoganda tactics used by the left :). This person seems to be following that same time-tested approach of smearing one’s opponents and leaving him no chance to say anything lest he be labelled a “goon”.

  3. Gosh Nitin, why would you link to such posts? A self-appointed self-styled expert on all matters. He talks as if he counted all procedure codes and all civil laws and found that 990 out of 1000 sections match. And goes on to sugarcoat his own delusions about why we have different personal laws as history. US personal laws have a scent of christianity!! And his brain short circuits secularism with democracy.

  4. Nitin,

    I take umbrage.
    I am the official hindutva goon and also saffronite scum, Anyone who uses this copyrighted term will be sued by me.


  5. Appollo,
    How is labelling a “goon” different from labelling someone “lofty-softy” or labels like “liberal media”, “resident idiot”, etc?

  6. As Apollo rightly points out, it’s a favourite tactic of the intellectually poor to indulge in smearing the person with an opposing viewpoint, at the beginning of an argument.

    This would be an abusive ad hominem, would it not? Though it’s an implied insult, I must say!

  7. I am just guessing, I may be wrong, but this person might be from tamil nadu and a creamy-layer beneficiary of tamil nadu’s 69% reservation. but like i said, i may be wrong – i recognize stupidity is not the preserve of creamy layer reservation beneficiaries alone.

  8. By the way, I just noticed that my use of “intellectually poor” in my comment is suspiciously similar to Krish’s use of “Hindutva goons” 😀

  9. One of the Hindutva propaganda is that Indian democracy is the best and West (especially America) is not the definition of democracy. But the same guys want to use the Western example when they demand the uniform civil code. This is what I usually call as “right wing hypocrisy”.

    This is what I usually call a “Straw man argument.”

  10. Niket. What would you consider an insult. If someone calls you a “goon” or if they call you a “liberal”,”softy” etc… :).

    How would you feel to be called a “goon” for something as mundane as your political views?

    It is a given that in any politically charged discussion people are going to ascribe names and try to box their opponents into one thing or the other. But to call someone you don’t see eye to eye with a goon at the very outset is crossing all lines of decency. It implies that

    1) One is intolerant of the other person’s views and is simply not willing to listen.

    2) he is being self righteous.

    Now i don’t think calling an opponent a “liberal” or “lefty” or “softy”, or any politically charged terms belongs in the same class as abusing someone with foul language like “goon”, “idiot” etc.. . that’s my personal opinion on the matter.

  11. The #10 comment above IMHO is in bad taste.
    The progress Tamil Nadu has made is envied by many today bcoz the 69% reservation beneficiaries didnt take it to stone age.

    good reply.

  12. Nitin, I havent followed the Indian bloggers in the past and started doing so only recently. I commented to his article, which is patently idiotic to do, but he abuses me and you too for a good measure. Is there something more than the customary opinion differences? 🙂

  13. Sriram, you should have known better. The said gent is a first class idiot who thinks he is some sort of crusader against right wingers/Hindutva ‘goons’ or what have you. When someone is so sure of himself, you know there is no point engaging them in debate. To me, he comes across as someone desperately trying to ape the extreme left American liberal.

  14. Sriram,

    I’m sorry that you had an unfortunate experience due to following a link on this blog. But well, we are both the wiser now.

  15. Nitin,

    I suggest such links should be included under Sunday levity or weekday squib. He is actually quite funny. Very entertaining.

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