Toning down at Wagah

Is a tourist attraction about to disappear?

So the Indian side will tone down the martial ritual at the Wagah crossing with Pakistan.

“The Border Security Force (BSF) has decided to drop the practice of adopting aggressive postures during the ceremony when both countries lower their national flags,” senior BSF officials said.

“This change has been brought into practice and now neither the BSF nor the Pakistan Rangers will adopt aggressive postures during the ceremony, but will smile at the time of the parade,” BSF Inspector General Arvind Ranjan said.

BSF jawans will no longer take their feet to an unnatural height and aggressively stomp during the drill, and Pakistan too has begun responding to this gesture, Ranjan said. [DNA]

Though it has agreed, Pakistan is yet to follow suit.

No one seemed to have spared a care for those poor tourists. If they want to see costumed men engaged in mock combat, the only show left is WWE.

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