Weekday Squib: India’s new counter-insurgency force

It’s big, strong and does not wait for the Government’s orders

Details are emerging of Operation Jumbo, a top-secret anti-terrorist operation that no one knew about.

…a herd of wild elephants has done what the police had only been thinking of doing: evict ULFA militants from their makeshift camps on the sandbanks dotting the Brahmaputra in Assam.

Police officials in Jorhat district, one of the strongholds of the outlawed ULFA, today confirmed that elephants had destroyed several makeshift camps of the militant group on the chaporis — Assamese for sandbank — off Neamati. “We had information about the rebels setting up camps on these small islands and were planning to take action. But the elephants did the job for us,” a senior police officer said.

Elephants have been troubling militants even in the mainland. An elephant was gunned down by militants near Champang Basti in Mokokchung district of neighbouring Nagaland a few days ago after a herd destroyed several huts in the area. A joint team of militants from Assam and Nagaland had been hiding in those huts.[Calcutta Telegraph]

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  1. Can we get another “battalion” deployed in PoK? They’ll finish the job the earthquake did not. Also one in Jaffna.

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