Sunday Signals

Pointing and thinking from out of the tank

States in India’s neighbourhood are on the brink — why so, and why India has become part of the scenery.

Deciphering China is tough (well, not for some). And we need a Chinese Mitrokhin.

Kashmiri separatists — some who think ethnic cleansing can be explained away by youthful indiscretion, and some whose words are taken a little too seriously. Here’s why the jihadis can’t stop fighting. Reporting Pakistani duplicity in the war on terror is as dangerous as it was.

On the Sachar Committee’s reportless patronisation and more economic freedom will benefit Muslims (and, for that matter, everyone else)

Is the economy bubbling?

(These are some of the posts that appeared on INI Signal this week.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Signals”

  1. patronisation? is that a word? 🙂

    “less patronizing and more economic freedom will benefit Muslims…”

    no, that doesn’t sound right, either…

    hmmm, wonder what’s an abstract noun for the act of being patronizing…maybe patronization might work after all…

  2. Shreeharsh,

    Patronisation (or Patronization) are both valid.

    If you are looking for similar words, probably patronage comes close. But it seems to connote something different, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for watch on English. Nothing like audits to keep you on the ball.

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