Sunday Signals (2)

A brief roundup of posts from INI Signal

True colours — Are they rethinking the “peaceful rise” marketing slogan? Meanwhile, a British baroness upsets the conventional fiction by writing up a factual report Kashmir for the European Parliament.

Gen Musharraf played telepacifist again — this time with a four-point formula and a hint that Pakistan could give up its ‘claims’ to Kashmir. So what’s this all about?

This was the week the India-US nuclear ‘deal’ cleared the last hurdle. Other deals begin rolling in.

On the home front, the Dr Manmohan Singh’s cabinet agreed to protect the privileges of the privileged as it embraces the politics of faultlines ever more tightly.

In the fracas over land for a new factory in a Communist party-ruled state, convenient political labels prove inappropriate.

Judges—some states are running short of them. But in general are they ruling by (the executive’s) default?