Failing neighbours

In the midst of failure

Look at this year’s Failed State Index published by the Fund for Peace (via Rezwan). First, name the country which has the most number of failing states as its neighbours. Second, name the country all whose neighbours are considered to be furthest along the road to state failure?

Clearly, it is not at all a good thing for a country to be surrounded by failure. Moreover, it points to the country’s failure to do its part to maintain stability.

2 thoughts on “Failing neighbours”

  1. I was just wondering if the index is inherently biased against pluralist nations. A lot of push-pull of sorts doesn’t happen in Scandinavia, Canada etc because they have a very homogeneous demographic.

    I agree with your point that if India cannot be a bigger player when we do not seem to be able to exert any influence on our neighbours.

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