Moisi’s global clash of emotions

Fear, humiliation, hope and the conflicts of the future

Here’s another take on conflicts of the future. Dominique Moïsi foresees a ‘global clash of emotions’:

Thirteen years ago, Samuel Huntington argued that a “clash of civilizations” was about to dominate world politics. Events since then have proved Huntington’s vision more right than wrong. It would be more correct, however, to speak of a “clash of emotions.” The Western world displays a culture of fear, the Arab and Muslim worlds are trapped in a culture of humiliation, and much of Asia displays a culture of hope. [IHT]

What does this imply for a world in which the outcome of wars is decided by what you think it to be?

2 thoughts on “Moisi’s global clash of emotions”

  1. ‘clash of civilizations’ is in its toddler age now. I predict its life span to be atleast 50 years. Failure to acknowledge defeat will only lead to more mobilization and more conflicts.

  2. May be a daily dose Prozac for their lifetime for everyone in the West and Arab/Muslims worlds would deal with that clash of emotions and solve the global terror problem. 🙂 That would be much cheaper than the 100s of billions being spent by anti-terror and pro-terror forces!!

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