Musharraf gets a dressing down, and how!

Seven minutes of public tongue lashing that the General won’t forget

Gen Musharraf, presiding over a student convention in Islamabad, got much more than he bargained for.

It’s in Urdu, but those who understand Hindi will get the drift. The most interesting bit occurs around time 3:45. Notice the indictment, the applause and the expression on the General’s face.

16 thoughts on “Musharraf gets a dressing down, and how!”

  1. Very Interesting Video. I wish we could see Mush’s response.
    By the way, who’s the GUY who did all the talking. Is there anyway we can find out?
    Looks like some sane is still there.

    Thanks for the Video Link.

  2. His name is Syed Adnan Kakakhel, a student from Karachi’s Binori Town madrassa.

    He is offering an explanation on why Pakistan finds itself in such a dismal state. A complete translation will have to wait, but around 3m 45s mark, he praises India for sustaining a democracy without lapsing into military dictatorship (to applause). He then says that the portrait of Jinnah asks Musharraf, “O General, you were supposed to guard the frontiers. How did you find your way to the presidential palace!”.

  3. Wow. Syed Adnan was amazing. I liked his take on the Pak economy also – the Mush’s latest propaganda – and of course on Baluch. I didn’t quite get the last comment, on the background, when the final claps started – probably one of the many Urdu words I don’t know.

    Apparently it’s becoming more common now in Pak – here is an NYT story on a cross-dresser who is talking sex on TV but also on talk shows that are taking on current affairs like apparently never before.

    Also, there are plenty of people who talk like that in India. Watch any official press conference and see them tear into the power in charge. Watch kids throwing not-so-soft volleys at Kalam.

  4. Commando Boy must certainly work hard. Has time to listen to peoples’ rants while managing the affairs of a state half the size of the US, single-handedly. Wonder why we pay Gen. J J Singh about as much as Mush, when all he does is “guard the frontiers”. Slacker! He should emulate the super-hero next door and offer “advice” on deep matters of the legislature, executive and judiciary as well 🙂

  5. Hats off to Mr Syed Adnan. He definitely gave the Gen a roasting ( borne out by the opening statement of Musharaff’s response in which he says Mr Adnan is making use of the freedom of speech the Gen himself provided ala Col Jessop in “A Few Good Men” )

  6. Mr Adnan is a great man and wat he say that was the power of his great and undefeatable Eman.WE all proud of him on this great effort,everyone can’t be do like him.Very good Adnan.Allah keep u save and healthy where ever u r. Allah Hafiz

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