Measuring trust deficit (2)

The balanced score card of India-Pakistan relations

No Tone Down at Wagah (Photo: Daily Times)Yet the part that the spectators used to most enjoy in the 25-minute exhibition of parade ground prowess was the ritualistic face-off.

But now, while the Pakistanis twitch moustaches and stare with eyes ablaze, the deadpan Indian troopers go through their paces without the dramatic frills.

“It is no longer fun to watch the drill. It lacks the charge it had,” said Beant Singh, a villager from Atari on the Indian side of the border.

Lt Col Tariq Janjua, commanding officer of Pakistan Rangers at Wagah, is miffed by India’s spoiling of the show. “The Indians should instead show their will for meaningful peace by stopping aggression in Kashmir and try to resolve real issues,” he said.[DT/Reuters]

In typical Reuters fashion, it is somehow India’s fault.

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3 thoughts on “Measuring trust deficit (2)”

  1. Reuters! 🙂

    “It is no longer fun to watch the drill. It lacks the charge it had,”

    As the way it should be for a grown up nation.

  2. Exactly, Chandra. Our soldiers are not meant to be an object of enjoyment through their antics. If the Pakistanis want to continue to the buffoonery, let them, with pleasure. The soldiers are not stationed there to “provide fun”.

  3. Agree folks. Sign of power too. When you’re going from strength to strength its tiresome (and childish) to toot your own horn. When you’re going backwards fast the need to chest-thump (at Wagah and sundry nuclear missile replicas at chowks) is pressing.

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