It’s a secret, go tell everyone

Imran and the 400 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists

A terrorist suspect is interrogated by Karnataka police. He spills the beans on the extent of the network and its gameplan. There are 400 operatives spread across the cities and towns of the state. The cells use satellite phones to communicate with their headquarters in Pakistan. The interesting fact is not that all this is worrying in itself, but rather, that it has found itself into newspaper and television headlines before the 400 have been apprehended.

The Karnataka police, it would seem, need to exercise their grey cells a bit. Either that, or it’s a nice cover story, given the fact that the reports also mention that ‘narco analysis’ was used in the interrogation.

3 thoughts on “It’s a secret, go tell everyone”

  1. Agree. If there really were 400 LeT operatives, it wouldnt have been released to the media that way, or at least I hope so. I think our Kops arent Keystone enough to go prematurely public. But it is possible if you compare with other news on crime stories where the cops release the suspects names, their theories and declare “.. so-&-so will be arrested as soon as he arrives”.

    Nitin, what do you think of the legitimacy/ legality of our interrogation methods? Is there informed consent or is it not required.

    I wouldn’t want to be lie-strapped, brain-mapped & narco-zapped even in a social situation let alone under interrogation. Under those conditions, maybe I would admit to LeT membership or the JFK assassination too. I hold no brief for Imran but dont want to see a case get tossed out for any process shortcuts and do want to be sure we abide by the laws.

    I liked the idea in an Ajit Ninan cartoon that had 2 of each equipment, one for the alleged offender and another for the arresting policeman. With systems abuse the way it is, that kind of looked fair.


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