More on the Indian-Persian divergence

From the specialists

That post on how the ancient Indians and Persians might have diverged let to an interesting discussion, in the comments section, over email and among bloggers. Now, this blog does not have a comparative advantage in matters historical, or matters Vedic. Fortunately, those that do—and these are among the blogosphere’s best writers in this field—have offered their own perspectives on the business of “the thousand testicles”.

JK of Varnam, illuminates the discussion by providing the backstory and an overview. Sandeep seriously disputes Kochhar’s conclusions. Manjunath’s theories, never incoherent despite his calling them so, find a connection between Tulus, Malayalees and Zoroastrians. He declares that as a non-Parsi follower of Zarathushtra, he is, in fact, a ‘Haratushtrava’.