Mirwaiz’s new tune

The Hurriyat’s new position is welcome but lacks credibility.

Violence, the moderate Mirwaiz said, has run its course, and the time has come for it to end. The Hurriyat at least, is ‘not prepared to sacrifice any more of (its) loved ones’. This sounds good, and the Mirwaiz deserves applause for having said it. That too, in Pakistan.  It would be truly wonderful if he actually means it.

The Hurriyat itself takes its cues from Pakistan. So Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s new position came either at Islamabad’s behest or with its approval. Talk, in any case, is cheap. It would have greater credibility if it were accompanied by an announcement of a ceasefire by one of the main jihadi outfits operating in Jammu & Kashmir. What we have instead is a rejection of the Mirwaiz’s position by the likes of Syed Salahuddeen and the United Jihad Council.

This could either herald a rift-possibly a violent one-within the Hurriyat and/or a good cop-bad cop routine where India is led forward to discuss and settle along some form of Musharraf’s televised formulas. Not bad for the Hurriyat and the Mirwaiz at all, as they get to influence the outcome without actually having to get people to validate their self-arrogated, terror-supported claim to represent them.

So it’s nice to see the Mirwaiz saying positive things for a change. Rejection of violence, if it becomes Hurriyat’s policy, is a significant step in Kashmir’s return to peace. India should however wait for the key jihadi outfits to call for a ceasefire before making much of the Mirwaiz’s words.

6 thoughts on “Mirwaiz’s new tune”

  1. Pakistan just cant afford to turn the terror tap off in J&K and rest of India coz it will loose its most important bargaining chip.

    Now because of the Mirwaiz’s new tune our forces have to protect this seperatist ‘leader’ – who refuse to be called an Indian – from other seperatist ‘leaders’. What an irony!

  2. nithin, this government is probably calculating how negotiating can swing the muslim vote bank in UP or elsewhere in the country. peace is never the objective for this government 🙂

  3. Nitin,
    I wouldn’t applaud Umar Farooq. He is practically saying, “Look boys, we drove those effing hindoos out, and fought till the kill ratio was good. Now that we are being slaughtered, let us renounce violence, protest peacefully, and get the world’s sympathy”. If it worked for Arafat, it might work for Farooq.

    Remember Geelani, who calls himself a Paki? That %$!#%! was treated for cancer in Bombay at government expense!

  4. I am quite concerned with Musharraf’s idea of irrelevant or porus borders. Actually the border between rest of India and Kashmir is not an open one. Any Indian citizen cannot cross into Kashmir. One needs a permit and the checkposts are quite strict.

    Now if Indian Kashmir and PoK are made into a porus border, then it will be tantamount to autonomy. i.e. Entry into Kashmir will be restricted, but between the two kashmir’s will not be. This is an unacceptable solution. I am concerned that no discussion has been done on this by the media.

  5. Mihir,

    I fully agree with you. Even so, renunciation of violence is still something we should applaud and encourage. Sending out a message that violence is not practical is necessary. Also, we must make it hard for Mirwaiz and Co to go back to their earlier position. Nothing like applause to make it stick.

  6. Kinda on the lines of how the GoI has been handling Pakistan, right? “Pakistan is a victim of terror”. “We are allies on the war against terrorism”. “The peace process has to move forward”. “Dialogue is essential”. And then the killer: “Kashmir is our atoot ang”.

    Reminds me of what Henry Ford said: “You can have it in any colour as long as it is black!”

    Yup! I like that approach!

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