Mascot of China-Pakistan relations

What would China and America do without their inseparable ally?

They are right, actually. China-Pakistan relations are, indeed, “higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the Indian Ocean and sweeter than honey”. If they need a mascot, they could use a Xerox photocopier. China helps Pakistan with such things as nuclear technology and ballistic missiles. Pakistan, putting its (major, non-NATO) alliance with the United States to good use, returns the favour.

There has been recurring media speculation in recent years that (China’s new J-10) was constructed using information gleaned from a Pakistani-supplied US F-16 and technological details of Israel’s scrapped Lavi fighter. [ISN]

Another age, another aircraft, same game.

“In July 1968 an intelligence source revealed that Chinese technicians had been allowed to examine US-provided F-104 aircraft at Pakistan’s Sargodha Air Base and to collect F-104 spare parts and material samples which were taken back to China for analysis,” Denney wrote to then-secretary of state Dean Rusk. [The Vietnam war doublecross]

Related Link: Joe Katzman describes how India pulled its weight with Russia and has spoilt the Pakistan-China party on JF-17, for now.

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  1. Some things never change. Our loony left and assorted peaceniks would probably view such activities as a blow struck against the evil imperialist empire, wherein one day the glorious People’s Army would use the weapons of the Evil Capitalist against him.

  2. More specifically, it was the sophisticated fuel injection system in the engine of the F-104 that the Chinese had access to.

    Joe Katzman calls the JF-17 “comparable to the Tejas”! I wonder what he’s been smoking!

  3. I thought it was funny that the new stealth plane to be co-developed (at least going forward) with the Russians is called PAK-FA. 🙂

    Apparently UPA is capable of making decisions – finally signed up to that joint project. Departure of Pranab helped, perhaps.

  4. Mihir,

    I respect Joe Katzman as a commentator. So I’d put down his conclusion to (a) not having all the facts or (b) having the facts and still arriving at the conclusion. If it’s the latter, I would still respect his analysis without necessarily agreeing with it.

  5. Fair enough… I just get pi$$ed when people don’t do their research and compare The JF-17 with a fighter that is practically one generation ahead. 😛

    Also, here is what I’ve been thinking. Pootie-Poot has come to India with a lot of goodies in his bag this time around. More progress on the BahMos, a fifth-gen fighter, ToT on the RD-33… these are BIG developments. Obviously, India is not gonna take the idea of Russian engines powering a Pakistani fighter lying down, and with the MRCA competition hotting up, India is in a position to play hardball. So the easiest way out is to refuse to sell RD-93s to Pakistan, making it seem as if the Pakistani JF-17 won’t take off at all. But there is a catch – the Chinese have invested a lot into the project and would like to see visible returns in the form of exports, and to a lesser extent, PAF service. A fighter which doesn’t fly with the PLAAF or the PAF cannot be expected to do well in the export market. So what do they do? They copy a Russian RD-33, call it a WS-13, and put it into the JF-17. So the effect of this “denial” will be delay the induction of the JF-17 into the PAF.

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