When Mukherjee met Mottaki

A synopsis of the Indian foreign minister’s visit to Iran

Cheryl Rofer, over at WhirledView, has a nice summary of Pranab Mukherjee’s recent trip to Iran.

So perhaps the Indian government sees having talks with Iran as a way to appear to be offering its goodwill in the run up to full nuclear cooperation outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even though some in their country have loudly denounced this provision as unwarranted interference in Indian foreign policy. [WhirledView]

Related Links: Collecting thoughts on Iran; in today’s Washington Post Vali Nasr and Ray Takeyh argue that the United States must engage Iran instead of attempting to contain it. In other words, follow India’s example.

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  1. Swapan dasgupta in today’s pioneer (available at dailypioneer.com) has brilliantly deconstructed congressi failure. They’ve ass idiusly courted the muzlim vote for the critical UP and other elections – everything from ‘first claim on resources’, to the sachar committee to preferential lonas to izlamic banking….. and yet lost the BMC civic polls. The signs are ominous, IMO.

    I certainly hope pranabda’s trip to tehran had more tp do with realpolitik than with any eye on the muzlim votebank. But the kangressis’ll surely milk it for what its worth when he returns. Making foriegn policy domestic football is v v dangerous in the long run, methix. Nayways, my 2 cents.

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