Eikenberry moment

Pointing fingers at the FATWAT

Lt Gen Karl W. Eikenberry, the outgoing commander of American troops in Afghanistan, has become the latest senior official to do the sceptic thing. Much more than the sceptic thing actually (via Swami Iyer):

“Al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership presence inside of Pakistan remains a very significant problem,” Eikenberry testified before the House Armed Services Committee, warning of the “growing threat of Talibanization” inside Pakistan.

“A steady, direct attack against the command and control in Pakistan in sanctuary areas is essential for us to achieve success,” Eikenberry said, joining other U.S. officials in publicly pressuring the Islamabad government to crack down on the safe havens in its frontier regions. [WP]

1 thought on “Eikenberry moment”

  1. The US armed forces bear the brunt – hence the steady rants. The State Department tries to “balance” the message to keep two-faced Mush from an even tighter Chinese embrace. Either way – seems like Pak’s got no end to problems on this front – and rightly so. What goes around comes around. We need to keep growing at 9-10%. By 2015 we’ll be big enough to strong-arm our way to a permanent solution – treat our congenitally warped Western mongrel neighbor to a delicious butt-kicking.

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