Obeidullah out, Dadullah batting

Being a ‘number two’ in the Taliban is as bad as being bin Laden’s ‘right hand man’

It is Mullah Dadullah who is at the crease, scoring runs and playing to the galleries in the process. He is the new public face of the Taliban leadership. He is also, according to Syed Saleem Shehzad, the man in charge of the Taliban’s upcoming ‘spring offensive’ against American, NATO and government troops in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Mullah Obeidullah is no longer at the crease (and was perhaps a non-striker while he was there). In the finest traditions of Pakistan’s role as a FATWAT, Obeidullah was arrested in Pakistan the very day a ‘Senior Administration Official‘ from the Bush administration came to have lunch with Gen Musharraf.

Granted, the Pakistanis need to find a new scapegoat (usually a right-hand man or a number two in some hierarchy) for diplomatic deipnosophy. Yet even ones with lesser intelligence would know that this trick of pulling out rabbits at the throw of a hat only points to how many they have in their bag and how easy it is to pull them out. Why do they even bother with this charade anymore?

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  1. Makes sense… with Cheney’s visit, Pakistan is automatically in the limelight, and the average American starts to think about all the negative press Pakistan has been receiving of late. Pop comes the rabbit – and the audience is expected to be amused and applaud. But the act is getting a little thin now, even for a rather trusting audience.

  2. Americans should go more often to Islamabad for lunch. Who knows, Gen Musharaff might just decide to produce Mullah Omar ( or if they got lucky , they could even bump into Osama Bin Laden in the General’s living room).

  3. Well, at least this time it is a Taliban official, not Al Qaeda. Up until now, the Pakistanis would not hand over any Taliban, insisting they were not in their country. I guess that’s some progress.

  4. KXB: seems too little too late – even for the trusting Americans.

    Nitin: agree. Their springing people at short notice is tiresomely predictable. How can they so silly to think it will convince anyone any more? Guess Mush, for all this travel and association, just doesn’t get statecraft. Watching him put probabilities on locations of wanted folks is amusing – the more wanted they are, the higher the multiple of 100% that they are not in Pakistan (Mullah Omar is apparently “500%” not in Pakistan – also heard 200%, 400% and 1000% being thrown about).

    Also seems that everyone’s ganging up on poor Pakistan. Look at this Iranian cleric waxing eloquent about Pakistan’s “nefarious activities”.

  5. KXB,

    Yes, that it was a Taliban leader who was handed over is important. First, it shows that Pakistanis are responsive to the customer preference, and second that the thing about handing over Pashtuns being impossible was perhaps hogwash.

  6. libertarian, good catch. looks like the “land of the pure” is becoming a pain in the you know where to everyone :).

    Looks like very soon Troy is going to have some very serious competition.

  7. Gentlemen,

    Just an update – it looks like Obeidullah is like Schrodinger’s cat. He’s both arrested and not arrested at the same time.

  8. Nitin,
    Sorry for the unrelated query –
    How do you know that only men [comment # 8 – “Gentlemen” ]read your blog?

  9. Anuj,

    A thousand apologies. I know some very powerful women are reading it too. But the “Gentlemen” was addressed to the folks who commented on this post, and other than KXB they are male (at least for online purposes)

  10. I don’t know about powerful women, but I do know an extremely intelligent and beautiful woman who reads your blog everyday – my wife.

    thinking to myself – this should get some major points with the mrs.

  11. Anuj,

    thinking to myself – this should get some major points with the mrs.

    🙂 Excellent. I was doing the same in comment #10.

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