America should repatriate Sheikh Mujib’s alleged killer

Politicians—once in Bangladesh and now in America—are sheltering a killer

Partisan politics of an infant nation resulted in the killers of its founder and first president escaping accountability for almost three decades. Not only were his suspected assassins granted indemnity, some of them were actually employed in the country’s diplomatic corps. Now that its new military-driven government is cracking down on wrongs and wrongdoers, prosecuting Bangladesh’s original criminals should help bring closure to a deeply exploited people. Rezwan draws attention to the saga of AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed, alleged to be one of Shiekh Mujibur Rahman’s killers who has been living in the United States since 1996.

And when it looked like justice might actually catch up with Mohiuddin Ahmed, noisy politics—this time of the United States—is getting in the way again. American politicians are holding up his repatriation due to doubts about Bangladesh’s legal system. The Bush administration would do well to cut through the chase and send him back to face the justice of the country he committed the crime.

2 thoughts on “America should repatriate Sheikh Mujib’s alleged killer”

  1. I’ve been following this case closely, and there seems to be reluctance on both ends on what to do with Mr. Ahmed.

    The caretaker government seems reluctant to take him, but if they ever do take him, what will they do?

    Personally, they should give Mr. Ahmed a new trial. Whatever his crimes, he deserves his day in court. I think if Bangladesh gives that assurance to the international community– especially the United States, where he’s being held–I believe Mr. Ahmed will be sent to Bangladesh to face justice.

  2. Common folks, do you realy believe that from 1996, he was living in USA incognito. USA is the original instigator of the killing of Mujib and Mohiuddin ahmed will never face any trouble in bangladesh or in USA. already there are writings in bangladesh criticising the present caretaker government for trying to extradite him.
    This man was acting as stooge for SAUDI ARABIA/USA and he was so ruthless that he killed the 4 year old grandson russel of mujib also. He also used artillery which infact killed about 20 civilians who were unfortunately living next to mujibs house.
    He also killed Flt Bose and Capt sidda raju of India who were providing logistics support to Mujib in MI 4 from the days of its liberation.
    Ofcourse Mujib in later years of his regime could not control corruption and that is being sited as the reason for his killing completely ignoring his contribution for its independence. the colloborators of Pakistans army are the ones who killed Mujib and this man was the leader of this gang of colloborators who inturn owed allegiance to CIA. NRIs who stay in USA may be afraid of crticising CIA but then truth must be told. CIA always supported SAUDI ARABIA as is doing even now especially under BUsh.

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