In partial defence of Rajiv Gandhi

The last prime minister to have backed pax Indica

Thinking it through in Mint, Amit Varma has an excellent piece on the the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and the scary certainty of having to see Rahul at the helm. The dynasty’s legacy of shame is vast, but Rajiv Gandhi’s intervention in Sri Lanka, contrary to Amit’s opinion, was by no means foolish. It was necessary and if it ended badly for India, it was because of Rajiv’s other, unrelated follies. And when V P Singh became prime minister, he was more interested in undermining Rajiv Gandhi than in India’s national interest.

Not only did Rajiv have some very good security strategists—Arun Singh and J N Dixit among them—he had the good sense to listen to them and the courage to make tough decisions. The huge majority in parliament, of course, helped.

As for Sri Lanka, intervention was not as foolish as non-intervention. Thanks to non-intervention, the LTTE has an air force, the Americans have access to naval bases, and China and Pakistan are selling arms to the Sri Lankan government.

7 thoughts on “In partial defence of Rajiv Gandhi”

  1. Honestly,I think you are right.More honestly i feel Rajiv (with all his shortcomings ) wasn’t bad after all.I remember the anti mandal era when I was in collage and took active part in anti reservation agitation and was witness to Goswami’s self immolation bid… we were supported by congress though from behind the public glare. As you have mentioned Late mr.Dixit and Arun Singh I wish to name Sam Pitroda and Arun Nehru (then GM in RCI)as well.These gentlemen were/are well meaning and intelligent people yet their essentially being non-political were a major handicap.On hindsight as the events have turned out it is now beyound doubt that it was Sonia and her “Q” connections which proved determinant to Rajiv and it were political cunningess of raja of Mand VP whose unethical shenanigan’s sealed rajiv’s fate.
    Nowadays when i see VP standing by sonia ,I wonder just how the politics has taken a full circle!

  2. Mark my words: Rahul Gandhi will never become India’s PM.
    Why? Check my blog later for a post on it.

  3. The last line Amit’s article sums it up very well. Whether or not he thinks he is entitled to rule this country, there is a big bunch of congress partymen and others who think so. God save us!
    RS, waiting to know how/why Rahul will never be Indian PM 🙂

  4. Why you removed my post??
    Are you afraid of facing the TRUTH??
    Are you afraid of loosing face in front of other viewers??
    did you reply my point?

    pax indica my foot.try to feed your own people and solve your hundreds of secessionist wars then talk of colonialising others.A good solution to indian meddling is for china and pakistan to attack together with sr lanka giving logictic suport,then give independence to kashmir,naga,maoist,bodo,manipuur,assam and other colonies–this way indian hegemony stopp, many peeople get freedom and lots of new friends for sri lanka,china and pakistan.
    what you say friend?

  5. Proud Lion,

    Your post was deleted because it violated the minimum standards of decent debate. You are entitled to your opinions, and even argue your case on this blog. But there’s a decent, civilised way of doing it.

    Proud Lion and Gemunu,

    Nice fantasies. Continue to harbour them long enough and you’ll even let the LTTE succeed in dividing your country into two. Believe me when I say this, Indians know what it feels like to live next to a terrorist state, and let assure you, you won’t like it one bit.

    So stop all the spitting, my-footing and criticising ‘dud radars’ and try and constructively engage constituencies in India that share your interests.

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