Will she? Won’t he?

The games in Dhaka

The military’s regime in Bangladesh tried to keep Sheikh Hasina out of Bangladesh and politics by pressing serious charges against her. She was expected to disregard them and return to the country to brave it out. But now it looks like she won’t. Perhaps as a result, Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed, the army chief, won’t be stepping out from behind the curtains just yet. It’s looking a lot like the Musharraf model though.

The political crisis gripping Bangladesh deepened last night, with increasing speculation that the country’s military chief was planning a coup d’etat.

As speculation over a full military takeover heightened, the military-dominated interim government in Dhaka faced new turmoil when the prosecutor in the case against six Islamic militants hanged last week was shot dead by unidentified gunmen as he left a mosque. [The Australian]

Not just that, Begum Khaleda Zia is under de facto house arrest and is being pressed to go into exile—to Saudi Arabia. And the jihadis are changing the names of their outfits while being ‘cracked down’ on.

Tailpiece: When they want to nail you, they nail you, as one politician found out:

The crack forces also seized 220 saris which police said are of government relief fund for the poor, 32 cans of beer and 16 bottles of other alcoholic beverages from his bedroom, and some documents including money receipts for different items. The seized items were kept at Gulshan police station. [The Daily Star]

He was charged under the Narcotics Control Act.

2 thoughts on “Will she? Won’t he?”

  1. Alarming. The West Pakistan movie now playing in East Pakistan. Remains to be seen if the thesis of “argumentative Bengalis never allowing a military takeover” holds. Doesn’t look good right now.

  2. India’s neighbourhood is going to the dogs.

    And all the undemocratic forces ruling our neighbours are eerily susceptible to dragon charms.

    Pak, BD, Burma, even Democratic Ceylon have all indicated they favor counterbalancing hegemonic India with benign China, I presume.

    While these countries are welcome to the consequences of their choices, allowing China so much free run in our neighbourhood doesn’t bode well for India.

    Question as always remains, what is Delhi gonna do about it?

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