Sunday Levity: Pir Double Shah

There can only be one racket in town

A Pakistani school teacher of humble means visits Dubai. He returns to his home in rural Punjab and doubles his neighbour’s investment in 70 days. News catches on like wildfire, and Syed Sibtul Hassan Shah transforms into Pir Double Shah—the man who mysteriously doubles your investment in ten weeks. But the Pir would only take money, but not questions. Enterprising go-betweens cropped up, connecting investors to the Pir in return for a cut.

And to mark Pakistan Day this year, the Pir promised to drop Rs 70 million from a helicopter. The expectant crowd was disappointed when he failed to turn up, having decided to take a dip in the River Chenab instead.

But it all ended this week, when Pakistani police arrested Pir Double Shah. No, not for failing to make the promised drop, but for robbing someone of a mere Rs 30,000.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Pir Double Shah”

  1. I know what he did in last summer!
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    An economical analyst and an educated person from the respective area, Sambrial.

  2. amazing how come so many people trust him i think they are the looser who trusted him and they must accept this and he is a smart jerk

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