One family, a billion bystanders

Warning: Don’t read this post unless you have a strong gagging reflex

During a public meeting in UP, (Rahul) Gandhi had said, “You know, when our (Gandhi) family commits to a task it also completes it. In the past too, members of the Gandhi family have achieved the goals they have initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two and leading the nation to the 21st century.” [IE]

And here we were, a billion of us today, thinking that we and our families had something to do with those things. And our uncles were definitely nicer.

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  1. Yatha raja, tatha praja.

    Chaap-lucy, flattery and fawning, yessers, cronies, name-droppers, power brokers, influence peddlers and the like have a long and glorious tradition in Hindustan.

    Kangressies with any semblence of a mass-base have already left the party in rebellion against the ‘high command/Gandhi family’ dictatorial rule. E.g. Pawar and Sangma.

    Those who remain are self-selected hangers on, people w/o a mass base (e.g. Arjun Singh), nobodies. IOW, those who cannot ever hope to challenge the family’s supremacy within the INC in Delhi.

    Rahul’s sense of entitlement is unsurprising. Even after his war-cries will end in war-tears for the INC in the UP polls (likely scenario), scapegoats will be conveniently putup and pulled down to make the crown prince look as belmishless as ever.

    The show goes on.

  2. Some what off-topic, though the Congress Party and Indian Express cannot be said to be unrelated subjects:

    Indian Express has a new abuse-word for those who oppose the deal: “nuclear isolationists”. Express has not been able to refute the arguments of Brahma Challaney and others that 1) India doesn’t need this deal for power generation because less than 3% of India’s energy needs are going to be met from reactors and 2) the conditions in 123 draft make it obvious that the US’s larger interest is to cap India’s nuclear program. Whose ‘national interest’ are the nuclear obfuscationists in Express talking about then? Why is Express functioning as Uncle Sam’s Indian echo chamber?

  3. Come on man give the ‘DEVIL’ it’s due.
    BTW,what wrong he said by commenting,”In the past too, members of the Gandhi family have achieved the goals they have initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two and leading the nation to the 21st century.” [IE]”…
    Just as he immature and young,as the “economist’ PM of this country reassures us that “Rahul is the fiture…” blah! blah!.
    We ‘PRUDENT INDIANS’ should and must not do some ‘PETTY’ nitpickings!!!!
    What if Rahul had just a slip of tongue and said’Pakistan’ ,as a matter of fact he wanted to say “we the congress men CREATED a Division of India.After all tongue too has no bones just as our”Economist” PM has no spine!
    ‘Future of India’,do deserves some ‘small mercies’.
    BTW, some time back I saw the movie called ‘the man of saw tomorrow’ and since I too -through the eyes of an Emmenient Economist PM-see what the future holds,it is high time I too should jump on to congress’s wagon R (R=Rahul).I see the future,NOW!
    I still dare call me ‘Prudent Indian’…hight of ‘optimisms or stupidity?Do tell me friends.

    Addendum (-Ed): Do excuse me friends for some stupid spelling and garm. mistakes in my comments above.The workstation I am working at is ‘really’ not friendly. PI.

  4. Nitin,

    Your warning notwithstanding, I had to take treatment after reading that piece. Where I shall send my doc’s bill for reimbursement?

  5. And for a moment i thought one of the tasks accomplished by the Gandhi family was division of India – my un-enlightened self had thought that Pakistan split of its own contradictions, as it might again! (Baluch/Pashtun insurgency?)

    That aside, I wonder if this piece shouldn’t have been under Sunday levity? Perhaps if it hadn’t come from a “serious” contender to the post of PM.

    If not for such “gandhian” foibles of the INC, BJP would not have been an entity of any consequence.


  6. This weirdo has diarrhea of the mouth. Much more colorful epithets are in order, but this is a serious blog. Hope this is some last-gasp pull-out-all-stops strategy to save UP and not a pointer of what to expect from this doofus in future. Here’s hoping to a crushing defeat in UP to trample this unspeakable arrogance.

  7. Imagine if this guy becomes the PM, we can hear such gems everyday! And we thought we were getting enough from our current one!

    At least the blogs will be lively 🙂

  8. My earlier comment should read:
    How dare you belittle someone an Oxford Ph.D. in economics has predicted in no uncertain terms as “Aapka Bhavisya” (your future) and “Mauke Ki Zazroorat” (need of the hour) –

    {Sorry, didn’t realize that you filter out html links 🙁 ]

  9. Hi! Rational Fool,this link you gave above,isn’t working.

    BTW,I at least,am not surprised for it’s being removed since HT is an unofficially ‘official spokes press’ for the “FAMILY’ and ITALAIN one too.

  10. This debauched young man seems to be well on his way to becoming the next George dubya Bush. They both seem to have so much in common- starting with ‘Foot and Mouth disease’ for one.

  11. You know, when our (Gandhi) family commits to a task it also completes it.

    That they all are highly educated grads is ample proof for this.

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  13. This is just to inform you all that the promised Rahul Gandhi post is up at my blog. Take a look if interested.

  14. Here’s an idea. How to get blogger banned in India? Start a blog titled “Rahul Gandhi is a Moron” and see how long it takes before blogger is banned in India.

    Hey, that is an idea. How to get all sorts of bloggging services banned in India: in each service, start a blog called “Rahul Gandhi is an Idiot.”

    Brought to you as a free public service 🙂

  15. Atanu,
    There is no need for that. Already the govt has stepped up net vigilance to find and block any extreme anti-Nehru-Gandhi stuff on the net.

    See this.

  16. Atanu, RS — don’t deprive this poor blogger of a huge fraction of his readership. What if they ban this blog simply because of what commenters number 25 and 26 say!

  17. go read the wiki on rahul gandhi for a better insight
    nyways nitin rightly pointed out abt their attempt to divide india —
    thought i beg to differ they havent accomplished it yet thanx to the Supreme courts activism and stay order
    — with the obc reservation, sachar commission and attemted reservation for muslims they r just trying to

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