US newspapers demonised Pakistani men

Adding to the confusion

A study by the University of Maryland has found that “U.S. newspapers helped to stoke global terrorism fears and to demonize an entire population: Pakistani Muslim men and boys.” [Linkthanks Swami Iyer]

Reports from thirteen ‘major agenda-setting’ newspapers led people to believe that:

1. Terrorism Is Monolithic—All Terrorism Is Conflated.
2. Madrassas Are Breeding Grounds for Terrorists.
3. Victory in the “War on Terror”—at least in Pakistan—Is Not Assured.
4. In 2001/2002: Pakistani Women Are the “Good” Muslims.
5. In 2006/2007: Maybe American Foreign Policy Is to Blame.

This, the study concludes, may still be confusing the public over the need for the ‘war on terror’ and the global terrorist risk. But Prof Susan Moeller displays a great deal of confusion herself. For instance when she writes that “reporters are not adequately distinguishing between state terrorism—such as that formerly practiced by the Taliban—and terrorism by distinctive terrorist groups—such as al Qaeda, which operates globally or Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, which is focused on Kashmir…”. Here’s a taxonomical guide that should ease some of the confusion.

3 thoughts on “US newspapers demonised Pakistani men”

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  2. Nitin did you miss “levity” in the header?
    Watching the American media try and figure out this latest demon is entertaining – especially from a hard-boiled Indian standpoint. Their increasing frustrations with Pakistan’s deceptions is like a rite of passage. Peeling the layers of this (quite rotten) onion only brings more tears – punctuated by short bursts of breathless (baseless) hope (the women, till they showed up with dandas) when they see something remotely resembling civilization 🙂 . Because of their collective political ADD they will lose interest (and cut funding) well before they figure this monster out. This story is about to get more interesting.

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