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India’s reform programme is stalled because of the Congress party, not anyone else

In the light of the Bahujan Samaj Party’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections, a ‘BBC’ correspondent asks:

So what does this mean for the central government’s ambitious economic reform programme, based on a prediction of 10%+ economic growth?

Does the economist Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, have political space to push for further reforms? [‘BBC’]

Ambitious reform programme? Which one?

If the Prime Minister lacks political space, it is denied him by his own party. Even that is assuming be believes in the need for more reforms. What is it about Dr Manmohan Singh that people find it necessary to blame everyone else, save the purported reformist and his doggedly communal-socialist party?

Update: Dr Singh is so scared of facing the electorate that he is seeking to enter parliament through the back door, again.

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  1. Don’t you see Nitin? ‘BBC’ is so occupied with being politically correct (which of course means that they have to prop up ‘secular’ Manmohan Singh), they have no time for serious journalism.

  2. Not sure who this Sunil Raman is, but I hope for his own sake that he’s not Indian, just of Indian origin. Any dimwit with some understanding of India will not write something like that (unless of course he has political leanings).

  3. Excellent point. Blaming the left for stalled reforms does nothing more than legitamize Congress’ ineptitude while providing free publicity to the left.

  4. DNA has featured my post on Uttar Pradesh elections on their blogs watch section. So I though I will give it some more publicity by posting a link here.


  5. thanks! btw this is my second post to be featured on DNA. The earlier one was on PM’s “muslim first” statement.

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